Quit using my tax dollars to sell me K-12

Excerpts from a facebook “notes” page:

Friends and fellow Idahoans, I am fired up. I just wrote a reply in response to a Daily Kos diary posted by another Idaho writer. I want to share it here … and everywhere, in hopes that someone takes notice in the last 10 days before Election Day. I’ve added a bit more material …

Here’s the real story in the SSPI race, though: K12, the Virginia-based company that runs the Idaho Virtual Academy, dumped $25K into Tom Luna’s campaign a few days ago. (Along with Melaleuca, K12 was also Luna’s biggest benefactor in 2006.) Other than a post by Betsy Russell on EOB on Wednesday, it’s going nowhere with the media.

Here’s the link: http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/boise/2010/oct/20/-profit-ed-firm-k-12-inc-mounts-independent-campaign-backing-luna

… Yet here’s what really offends me: Every time I turn around, I see ads, billboards, direct mail, etc. from K12 – paid for with OUR tax dollars – pushing me to consider an online school for my kid. And guess who had the top banner ad when I hit the Kos home page a few minutes ago? “Classrooms are not for everyone,” the K12 ad says. “Your teen has a better option.” (I want to say, “Oh yeah? My kid attends the top academic high school in the state, you nimrods, so leave us the hell alone.”)

Source: Quit using my tax dollars to sell me K-12

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