Idaho is seeking career & technical educators.

CTE Educators
For many career & technical educators teaching is a second or third career after they acquire valuable experience in their industry.

Career & technical educators instruct students in various technical and career related subjects, such as information technology, healthcare, business, culinary arts, diesel technology, and many more. We are currently experiencing a high demand for CTE teachers. Do you think teaching CTE might be right for you?

Educators teach the academic, technical, and workplace readiness skills that prepare students to enter an occupation or continue their education. The classroom experience is hands on, and all programs are directly connected to an advisory committee made up of industry representatives. There are opportunities at both postsecondary and secondary institutions. Although teachers can pursue the traditional certification process, there is a separate certification process for those coming out of industry.

A CTE educator coming from industry typically needs:

  • A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent
  • 6 years recent, gainful experience in the industry related to the field you want to teach in (12,000 industry hours)

If you have a Bachelor’s degree or industry certification in a field closely related to the area that you wish to teach in, you may only need two (2) years recent gainful experience in the same industry (4,000 hours). You have an additional three years beyond initial certification to successfully complete four teaching-oriented courses to help you in your new instructional role. A teacher coming from the traditional certification process needs: A teaching degree from an approved institution in a CTE field. (Institutional recommendation from an approved university.)

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