What whites don’t know about racism

EXCERPT from the column: What whites don’t know about racism (CNN)

For instance, even though young blacks with college degrees are twice as likely as similar whites to be unemployed, regardless of their field of study, most white Americans don’t appear to see much of a problem (or actually continue to insist that it is we who are discriminated against in employment).

Despite the fact that white male high school dropouts between 18-34 are more likely to find work than black men that age with two years of college, most white Americans don’t see much of a problem, or again, insistthat “reverse discrimination” is the real issue when it comes to racism.

Despite the fact that the typical white family has about 16 times as much wealth as the typical black family — and that even white households headed up by a high school dropout have, on average, twice the wealth of black and Latino households headed by a college graduate — most white Americans don’t see much of a problem.

Despite the fact that black children are about three times as likely as white children to be suspended or expelled from school, even though the rates of serious school rule infractions are largely the same(contrary to popular belief), and despite the fact that black children are about twice as likely as white children to be taught by the least experienced teachers, most white Americans don’t see much of a problem.

AXS CEO Troy McClain Uplifts, Inspires and Serves

Here are some recent articles abut how AXS CEO Troy McClain is creating a buzz of positive energy:

There has been an entire management class at the University of Washington in Seattle that is devoted to  ‘The Apprentice,’. From Georgetown to Harvard Business school,  the DVD from that first season is still discussed.

The show also introduced the world to the proven success of Troy McClain, who came from a poor background but beat al lof the odds and demonstrated alternative paths to success including: “look beyond the obvious.”

“Most people in business will tell you you’ve got to have your Ph.D., you’ve got to have an MBA. I tell everybody, I got my Ph.D. a long time ago. I was Poor, Hungry and Driven,” Troy told the Idaho Press Tribune. “That’s my Ph.D. Today, what I’m working on is my MBA. My Massive Bank Account. … But I’m going to give back. Why Idaho vs. LA or New York? The answer is that Idaho took care of me. Idaho embraced me and my family.”

Troy is CEO of AXS. And here is a peek at the ALL AXSFacebook page page from Oct. 8:

We are so excited to be holding our first LIZ event, an Open Mastermind with Brett Labit. Join us for an evening of fun, inspiration, and networking. CEO, ‪#‎TroyMcClain‬ always says that your network is equal to your net-worth… so he has brought in the mountain-moving LIZ CEO, Brett Labit to add to our collective network. ‪#‎ThankfulThursday‬


Troy McClain’s AXS and Other Lessons Learned From Donald Trump

LINK: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/02/1427241/-Lessons-Learned-From-Donald-Trump#

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Find a clear path to significant improvement with Frank White

bannertwoFrank White International is focused on management consulting, management development, management training, sales development, sales training, business and executive coaching, business start-ups as well as business turnarounds. We have trained over 2000 business managers, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs and have trained over 10,000 sales people and sales managers.
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From his website: “We offer one on one coaching as well as group coaching to individuals, business owners, business/corporate executives, beginning and seasoned entrepreneurs. We have a developed sales training series of workshops as well as management development and team development programs. We are often called upon to develop custom sales training programs specific to our clients needs including specific product sales presentation development and training. We can facilitate weekly or monthly business leadership trainings or events.”


Brett Labit of Local Impact Zone Endorses Frank White

“I have had the great pleasure and benefit of working with Frank on a continuing basis. Frank has brought tremendous value to our organization and continues to do so. He is an excellent strategic planner, organizer, leader, negotiator and mentor. Frank has great ability to look at a company from several angles and find a clear path to significant improvement. I am honored to work with him.”

 – Brett Labit, CEO Local Impact Zone

Frank is the founder of F.A. White & Associate and Frank White International, originally founded in 1985 in San Francisco, California. Frank became a Forum Master Trainer and Coach 1989. He was a Founding Member of Impact, International Association of Consultants, Trainers and Coaches and is a member of National Association of Accountants.

Frank successfully opened and assisted in the opening of over 400 businesses in 14 industries, throughout the United States and Asia. He has trained and coached over 2000 executives, managers, entrepreneurs as well as trained over 10,000 sales people, sales leaders, sales managers in a variety of industries.

As a nationally recognized and sought after Motivational Speaker and Trainer, Frank has a national reputation for business turn arounds as well new business start-ups. Frank’s programs include workshops, paid master mind groups, and seminars that include sales training, management development, leadership training, sales performance excellence, motivational management and leadership as well as customized workshops. He has had an extensive corporate career where he was key in the development of 5 regional and national retail chains, serving as President for 4 of the 5.

In his spare time he is involved in theater and various charities. Frank currently resides in Boise, Idaho.


SmokeOut Networking Group Presents: Sara Jane Weidner, Owner, TimeManaged

SmokeOut Networking Group Presents: 
 Dear Jennifer,
“Someone you have not met yet is wondering what it would be like to know someone like you”.  Iain Thomas
Join us to meet someone you don’t already know!
We will be smoking meat and potatoes for you to enjoy also.

Sara Jane Weidner, Owner, TimeManaged
Thrive this Season… a how to for holiday time management

        • It’s estimated that a manager, employee, or business owner loses 1 hour/day to disorder, costing the business up to $4,000/yr if earning $35,000/yr or $8,125/yr at $65,000.
       That is a staggering cost! Do you budget for that loss?
Time management seems so simple, yet many of us falter with it. 
Sarah Jane will provide us with the nuts and bolts of time management. Get started today! Unless, of course, poor time management was written as a goal in your business plan and as a budgeted expense.
Event Details
November 4th, 2015
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
About Sara
Sara Jane is a productivity ninja. She built day planners as her system to get more done and now she shares her system and productivity concepts with everyone she can. Her company Time Managed builds custom planners for all industries from real estate, to tech companies, to teachers/students, and more.
Find her company at: http://www.timemanaged.com/

Stephanie Altorfer-Prusia of Academy Mortgage Wins First #‎CommunityHeroes‬ Honor

StephanieThis is just in from Local Impact Zone:

#‎CommunityHeroes‬ The first winner for our community heroes contest is Stephanie Altorfer-Prusia – Academy Mortgage NMLS 1293294 Corp NMLS 3113 . An avid LIZ networker, Stephanie constantly reaches out to her community, loans wisdom, and is always there to lend a hand and a kind word! Stephanie wins a free oil change from Heritage Auto Repair! www.heritageautorepair.com

Stay tuned for more Community Heroes.

Stephanie Altorfer-Prusia reports: While a turbulent housing and lending market has forced countless mortgage companies to close their doors in recent years, AcademyMortgage has quietly found ways to thrive and has become one of the nation’s top independent mortgage lenders. Academy’s exponential growth and long-term sustainability is largely due to our focus on purchase (vs. refinance) business and efforts to embrace regulatory reform. Our culture is another reason for our success—we strive to help people become their BEST through our development initiatives, solutions to attain homeownership, and community outreach directives.

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the United States as ranked in the 2013 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Academy ranks with the highest-performing companies in the following categories:

  • #2 in total purchase business among all independent purchase lenders.
  • Top 10 in total FHA purchase volume and in total number of FHA purchase units.
  • Top 20 in total number of purchase units, total number of FHA Loans, total FHA volume, and total purchase volume.
  • Top 50 in total number of loans and total volume.
Source: CoreLogic Marketrac Report for 2013, published in January 2014.
You’re working with the best! Thank you for making Academy your 1st CHOICEhome loan lender, Stephanie says.

Contact Stephanie Altorfer-Prusia
Loan Officer | NMLS #1293294
1065 E Winding Creek Drive Ste 200
Eagle, ID 83616
– Cell Phone
(208) 501-2255 – Office
LO State Lic: MLO-17759
Corp NMLS: 3113 |


Other news: New Topix Discussion Board Created for AXS CEO Troy McClain.

LINK: http://www.topix.com/forum/tv/the-celebrity-apprentice/lessons-from-axs-ceo-troy-mcclain-apprentice-season-1-finalist

New Fan Page Published for AXS CEO Troy McClain

troy oneHealth, Wealth and Happiness: Follow Troy’s Wisdom!

Called a “Living Energy Drink” by the Idaho Press Tribune, the nation was introduced to Troy McClain on Donald Trump’s hit TV show The Apprentice. He was selected as a finalist from 250,000 applicants and rode his underdog status all the way to the final four. Troy focuses on growing people and businesses to great heights in his role as as CEO of AXS. He has spearheaded a number of startup, turnaround and growth companies.

Troy’s philosophy is: The best way to get ahead is to give back. An international speaker, he has collaborated with the top names in business, including Warren Buffet, and has shared the stage with with Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul) and many other influential leaders, athletes and entertainers. Troy has served and been honored by Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne, the Kellogg Innovation Network, Special Olympics International and a long list of others. His enthusiasm, experience and determination have enabled Troy to live “the American dream,” pulling himself and his family out of poverty through hard work and street smarts. Troy McClain works tirelessly to make that dream the reality for everyone whose life he touches.

Check out the new fan page.

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Troy McClain’s AXS and Other Lessons Learned From Donald Trump

Great News Around the Net About AXS CEO TROY McClain 

See the new Topix forum about Troy McClain.

CWI Speech and Debate Top Community College at Fran Tanner Invitational

College of Western Idaho (CWI) Speech and Debate started the 2015-16 competition season with a strong showing at the Fran Tanner Invitational hosted by the College of Southern Idaho, Sept. 25-26. CWI brought home the top community college honors at the event, as well as a second place finish among all schools. In addition to the team awards, CWI’s 11 competitors received nine individual awards across both speech and debate events.

CWI Speech and Debate will look to build up its success at the Fran Tanner Invite as it now focuses on the Mahaffey Memorial held Nov. 13-15 at Linfield College in Oregon.

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