Troy McClain of AXS Delivers Keynote at Business Analysis and Project Management Association Conference in Winnipeg

For the 4th year in a row, Troy McClain of AXS  was invited to attend the prestigious Business Analysis and Project management association conference in Winnipeg.

“I am honored to be presenting my approach to business and project management” said McClain before his classic talk.”

He delivered a keynote address called EQ vs. IQ.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know people make decisions based on their emotions, the conference website reads. Just look at politics, religion and retail purchases across the world. Furthermore, we know marketing experts have learned the best way to motivate a person, group or company is through their emotions. Yet over the years, the basic belief and standard for defining and choosing a strong leader within a company has always been to measure ones IQ, which in fact, measures logical reasoning, word comprehension and math skills rather than their creative potential or ability to relate to a person, group or company team.

Troy McClain, season one Apprentice finalist, shared his story of how he developed a leadership role and successful business by focusing on EQ rather than IQ. This session took the audience on an eye opening journey of discovering yourself, how to manage your emotions, learn how others think, and how to process these emotions to work more efficiently with others in your organization. Mark Twain once said, “Common sense ain’t so common” This session aims to bring it back into the workforce.

The conference offers Focused Symposium Conference Tracks where attendees learn from the real-world experiences of industry experts and practitioners who will show you how to achieve outstanding business results, according its official website.

Troy McClain is the CEO of The McClain Companies, a full-service marketing, communications and business management firm focused on growing people and businesses to great heights.

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in the financial industry, Troy has learned how to create budgets, manage costs and cost-effectively market and communicate products, services and causes. Using innovative techniques and strategies, he has been instrumental in providing successful growth concepts to companies and professionals working toward a higher level of achievement.

Today, Troy is an international speaker on a variety of topics, such as entrepreneurism, finance, advertising, marketing and communications, personal growth, and giving back to one’s community. He has been honored by numerous high-profile figures and organizations, such as Governor of Idaho C.L. “Butch” Otter, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne, Donald Trump, the Kellogg Innovation Network, and Special Olympics International.

FLASHBACK 123idaho Wednesday, September 17, 2008: Idaho Statesman Publisher Mi-Ai Parrish: “In challenging times, we’re focusing on the future”

Check out this blast from the past:

The economic uncertainty has made all of us make difficult choices, focus on what’s critically important, and hunker down a bit while still looking to the future.

We are a different operation than we were a year ago, in ways that are – and I mean this sincerely – not so great and actually great. When times are lean, you look under the sofa cushions for all the spare change. You make darn sure you aren’t wasting any money on luxuries or even niceties. Sometimes, however, you are stuck giving up things you really, really wish you didn’t have to.

Nearly all our income is from advertising. When local businesses suffer, we suffer, which affects everything from how many reporters we have to how many pages of news we print.

Some of our changes have no positive face, the biggest of which is that we have lost some bright and talented employees as we, and many businesses, have quietly gotten smaller. After people, newsprint is our largest expense, and that means we are incredibly careful about how we’re using it these days.

For the full story, see:

See the original post in the Wayback Machine:

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I also wanted to share with you what others who have already read the book are saying about Tension.

“The Innovation Institute is a healthcare incubator that fosters innovation by incubating ideas through the various stages of evaluation, development, refinement, and commercialization.  We have found many of the concepts discussed in Tension to be evident as we have developed our Innovation Lab and we have developed supporting structures and practices accordingly.  Chris Wasden is a leader in healthcare innovation and this book is a must read for anyone looking to advance innovation and harness tension to fuel their creative genius.  There are many gems throughout the book from succeeding through failure, to the innovation life cycle, and minding your P’s and Q’s.”

Joe Randolph, President and CEO, The Innovation Institute

Tensions is a masterpiece. As a venture capitalist focused on financial services innovation I see my portfolio companies finding great opportunities by transforming the maladaptive tensions created by the large incumbent banks into creative tensions that delivers more powerful value propositions that are disrupting the industry. Tension provides an approach that can be used by organizations both big and small to increase their innovative capabilities and capacities.”

Matteo Rizzi ,General Partner, SBT Venture Capital

“The accelerating pace of change in healthcare challenges us to continue to build our managerial and leadership toolkits—to be more agile, to use more gears of mindfulness so that we can lead successfully, and to tap innovationthroughout our organizations. Tension provides a succinct, highly readable and engaging ride through the innovation cycle with lessons for all!”

Vivian Lee, CEO University of Utah Healthcare, Dean of the School of Medicine

Tension provides the road map of how to release the genius in you that isinnovative

Chris and Mitch Wasden are at the forefront of the innovationrevolution.  “Tension” will help you discover and release the best ideas you have and give you a way to monetize those ideas to build a better business.

If you have never been able to understand or harness the power of innovation, you need to read and study this book. It will flat out make your business better!”

Chester Elton New York Times Best Selling author of The Carrot PrincipleAll In & What Motivates Me

“Healthcare today benefits from two opposing dynamics; creative innovationand near perfection in consistency. But how to lead these potentially opposing paradigms in one organisations challenges leaders.  Tension provides well thought through and clear mental models and frameworks to harness the available energy in my organisation to bring more value to customers.”

Christopher McGowan, Chief Executive Officer, Silver Chain Group

“Tension will put you on the journey from mindless day-to-day process to mindful innovation and how to unleash your personal creativity from your cubicle. It reveals when to ride the innovation cycle vs. operations bike: the prescription offered by two brilliant entrepreneurs. It offers a path to tap the individual creativity inside you and transform your company along the way.”

Francis Gouillart, Co-author of The Power of Co-Creation

Tension resonated from the first page. Today’s CEOs face the paradox of encouraging creative solutions to advance their companies while continuing to invest in strategies that discourage innovative power. In Tension Chris and Mitch Wasden describe this paradox in terms that will resonate with business leaders and OD practitioners alike. Their research clarifies how today’s business challenges are of our own making and releasing our creative genius is as easy as riding a bike!”

Alida Moose, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Penn Mutual

“Chris Wasden and I established OrthoAccel based on many of the principles found in Tension.  These important concepts were relevant then, at the founding stage, and can still be applied today, during a period of significant growth.  The chapter featuring, “A Dozen Mindless Myths,” is particularly practical as it challenges the manager to defy conventional wisdom and think on an entirely different level to inspire innovation.  This book should be required reading for the growing number of venture incubators and accelerators that will continue to be a key source of innovation for generations to come.”

Mike Lowe, CEO, OrthoAccel

Tension shows how companies can unleash their creative genius by applying the Innovation Life Cycle. This is a must read for any organization struggling to innovate.”

Dr. Michael Marquardt, Professor and Director of Executive Leadership Program, George Washington University

President, World Institute for Action Learning, Author of 25 books including global best-seller, Leading with Questions 

“In Tension, the Wasden’s and their Innovation Lifecycle have achieved a “Tour de Force” at the intersection of individual and collective innovativeactions. Both executives and managers will benefit from reading this conceptually sound and practically based book; for that matter, so would anyone contemplating organizational change through innovation.”

Dr. David Schwandt, Professor and Director of Executive Leadership Program, George Washington University

Join the movement to fuel your creative genius

Meet Certified Executive Coach Joel Lund



  1. Founder & President—Prepare For Rain Coaching. (2012-now)

After 14 successful years in the financial planning industry, Joel shifted his focus from “field leadership” to coaching leaders in the C-Suite, executive roles, Solopreneurs and small business owners. Besides bringing his extensive business experience in trust-based soft sales, Joel added two certifications to his practice (BOSI Global & CCF), so that he brings transformative value to the experience for those he works with.

  1. Experienced Business Leader. (1998-now)

Just over a year before the financial crash in 2000, Joel began his career in financial planning. His only sales experience was in a bicycle shop. Leveraging his people skills, he quickly achieved recognition within his firm, a company with a national footprint. As a District Manager in Yakima, WA, his small office landed in the top 5 (of 400+ offices), bringing advancement to the role of Managing Principal in 2004. His leadership turned around an under-performing division, resulting in 5 straight years of increasing recognition by GAMA International, an organization dedicated to the highest standards of leadership in the financial services industry.

  1. Non-Profit Leader, Educator, Administrator and Counselor. (1986-now)

Joel served as a youth pastor in Washington and California. His focused on getting kids out of their comfort zones, where they could experience life more deeply—and less guarded. This encouraged his kids, and other youth leaders, to discover strong resources within and around them that could last forever. He collaborated with guide companies for bicycle odysseys, rock climbing adventures, white-water river rafting, ropes courses and other avenues for this “internal stretching.” A favorite partner was Habitat For Humanity; kids would work on building a home, side by side with the future owners, who could afford only an interest-free house. He’s served on the boards of churches, non-profits, counseling agencies, chambers and industry groups. He has spoken to crowds of a handful up to several thousand, as well as conducted trainings, workshops, and break-out sessions in educational, government, non-profit and business organizations.

  1. Devoted Family Man & Fun Guy. (1989-now)

He and Janet married in 1989. Janet is a singer-songwriter, with albums on iTunes. Their daughter, Jessica—who they were told by medical specialists would never happen—became a published author at 17, and wants to become an engineer. Joel is a multiple award-winning author in both fiction (his pen-name is Brandon King) and non-fiction (under the name his parents gave him). He plays acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin and bass, and has been a galleried artist.

Don’t Miss the Boise Film Festival

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VIDEO: Nathan Griffith Sobs While Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

VIDEO: Nathan Griffith Sobs While Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

Originally posted on All the Teen Moms:

Finally we see what happened when Nathan Griffith was arrested for domestic violence back in March of 2015. MTV film crew members called the police when they overheard the couple screaming from inside their home.

Nathan claimed that Jenelle injured herself and had him falsely arrested! He sobs and pleads with Jenelle as he is handcuffed and shoved into a police car. Watch the dramatic scene below:

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Jim Gatfield selected for College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Faculty of Distinction for the month of August.

Jim Gatfield has been selected for College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Faculty of Distinction for the month of August.

During his two-year tenure with CWI, Gatfield has proven an advocate for faculty and students and has provided exceptional work across the college. Gatfield consistently maintains a high level of attention to each aspect of his role at CWI and is an outstanding co-worker.

Gatfield’s contributions to CWI include developing a course for the College’s new CWID 101 courses designed around using comic books as a tool for exploring diversity in a collegiate setting. He also contributes regularly to the retention committee, has served on hiring committees, presented at in-service and has worked diligently on building GEN ED curriculum and professional development. Along with Johnny Rowing, he brought another Speech and Debate national championship to the College.

He designed and coordinated the first Social Science and Public Affairs (SSPA) Showcase. His goal was to place the faculty in front of any student who was interested in learning more about the discipline and to showcase the work of faculty. Gatfield coordinated all participants, reserved facilities, and worked with Student Services and Marketing to spread to the word to students and help make the event a success.

Gatfield was a very good teacher when he joined the CWI team; however, over the past two years his deliberate pursuit of excellence has been impossible not to notice. He consistently works with peers to enhance his courses, employs new pedagogy, and seeks professional development direct toward teaching the process.

Gatfield was involved in coordinating judging opportunities for students at high schools, local optimist groups, and the SkillsUSA competition. He also served as a judge for SkillsUSA, which allowed Speech and Debate students to connect with the community, representing the team and CWI, while potentially making professional connections.

Congratulations Jim and thank you for all your incredible work.