Looter to Who? James Baldwin on Racism in America

Looter to Who? James Baldwin on Racism in America


These words from 1968 ring so true today …

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In 1968, essayist, novelist and activist James Baldwin spoke with Esquire about racism in America, Dr. Martin Luther King, poverty and police brutality. In our current era of high profile police violence in communities like Ferguson, Missouri, and protests in Baltimore, Maryland, Baldwin’s words sound as prescient and, unfortunately, fresh as they did forty-seven years ago, proving the slow pace of progress in America, and how much hard work we have left to do. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Q. How would you define somebody who smashes in the window of a television store and takes what he wants?

BALDWIN: Before I get to that, how would you define somebody who puts a cat where he is and takes all the money out of the ghetto where he makes it? Who is looting whom? Grabbing off the TV set? He doesn’t really want the TV set…

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Urban Talent Management is a Top Booking Agency

BaileyUrban Talent Management, Utah’s top booking agency, has been booking models and actors for 17 years. During that time, Urban has created an unparalleled client and talent database. Urban boasts an amazing team of booking agents lead by Tina Bullen who has been in the industry for over 30 years and specifically, has been booking talent for over 20 years. Our bookers have over 50 years of combined experience in the modeling and acting industry. As a result, our clients trust us to manage the casting and booking process because we provide the perfect talent for any project.

I have been working with Urban for about 3 years. I am often going to castings and I consistently get booked for many jobs. I love working with Bret andUrbanTalentLogo_OutWht Tina! They are great people who genuinely care about their models. I never thought that I could make modeling a part of my career, but thanks to the great staff at Urban they have made it possible for me. I am truly grateful for the opportunity they have given me!  – Jeni Matthews

As a full service agency, Urban is also in Boise. They represent only professionally trained models and actors. Urban’s talent database includes models, actors, kids, fitness talent, voiceover talent, specialized talent including snowboarders, skiers, runners, cyclers, etc., sponsored and extreme athletes, photographers, hair & makeup artists, dancers, musicians, singers and even pets. We specialize in Print, Convention, Runway, Live Promotion, TV, Film, Voiceover, Commercial and Industrial. We have competitive rates and our bookers are on call 24/7.
Its hard to believe that I have been with Urban Talent for over 14 years now! I didn’t know much about the modeling/acting industry back when I was first approached to sign with the agency. Actually, it wasn’t really anything I thought I would ever be doing! However, I began booking jobs immediately and have booked consistently since. Through the workshops I took in the beginning and the personal encouragement and coaching I always receive from Tina and staff, I always feel totally prepared to attend auditions and castings and to arrive at my booked jobs knowing what to expect and what to do. The opportunity to work with fun and interesting people is great, and to get paid for it is a wonderful bonus! – Denise Segura
Bailey lenny

Bailey Heesch / Credit: Lenny Wheeler Photography

From Bailey Heesch:

As a booking agent, I hire models & actors who go through professional training to ensure a higher quality of professional talent. They understand the industry standards & are there to deliver a quality job for any client. We have talent that range from kids to seniors, print, live, runway, & fitness models, as well as Voice over & actors.
If you are interested in using any talent, you may visit our website, call my office, or email me & I will get you a casting sheet & prices.

I am a person with a passion for beauty and health. I am a professional model & actress. I have taken professional classes for both modeling & acting as well as professional speaking. Being in front of people and crowds is no issue for me. I ensure I am professional and respectful with any job I do.

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Why do cities spend scarce resources lobbying the federal government?

Why do cities spend scarce resources lobbying the federal government?

The hierarchy of U.S. government provides various pathways for local representation. Nevertheless, cities regularly invest in paid representation. This presents a puzzle for American democracy. Why do cities lobby, and do they lobby strategically? We quantify for the first time the extent of this phenomenon and examine its determinants using new data on 498 cities across forty-five states from 1998 to 2008. We find that economic distress pushes cities to lobby, but does not impact expenditures. Cities in competitive congressional districts, and therefore crucial to national politics, spend more on lobbying.
The above abstract is from an article published in the March issue of the Political Research Quarterly by Jaclyn Kettler, Assistant Professor Department of Political Science at Boise State University.
In this paper, the researchers examine why cities spend scarce resources on hiring professional lobbyists in Washington, D.C. Although many cities spend a good deal of public money on lobbying, we know little about this behavior. Using a new dataset, they study the lobbying activities of 498 cities across 45 states from 1998-2008. Kettler and her co-author find that cities are more likely to lobby the federal government in times of economic distress. Additionally, cities spend more on lobbying when they are in a competitive congressional district, making them more relevant in national politics.

Nathaniel Hoffman Talks About ‘Blue Review’ and His Book


Nathaniel Hoffman, Bronco SnapshotA new University Television Presents episode features Nathaniel Hoffman, the founding editor of The Blue Review, a journal of popular scholarship at Boise State, and author of the book “Amor and Exile,” talking about The Blue Review, his book and journalism.

Hoffman worked as a reporter at the Boise Weekly, the Contra Costa Times and the Idaho Press-Tribune. He has covered the immigration and demographics beat since he got his start in journalism in Nampa, Idaho, in 2001. He also produced audio reports for KQED public radio in San Francisco and KBSX in Boise.

You can find more information online about The Blue Review and Hoffman’s book “Amor and Exile.”

University Television Presents is created by University Television Productions (UTP), a media production unit of the Department of Communication. The episode was produced by Farzan Faramarzi. You can watch it on YouTube or click on the image below.

Idaho Education News Staff to Triple in Size

Today marks a milestone for Idaho Education News.

We’re tripling in size to offer you the most comprehensive and in-depth news on public education in Idaho.

Two years ago, Kevin Richert, Clark Corbin and I — print journalists with more than 40 years of experience — partnered to launch a never-before seen Idaho product: IdahoEdNews.org.

It was a risk. But it was a vision I believed in.

We had doubters. We had our own doubts.

But we also had a lot of people who had a tremendous amount of faith and willingness to invest in our talent and our idea. Thank you to the people who were integral in launching Idaho Ed News. This includes Roger Quarles, Jamie MacMillan, Jennie Sue Weltner, William Parrett, Alicia Ritter and Sophie Sestero.

And a huge thank you to the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation for committing to fund our three-person startup.

We are proud to say today, we far exceeded our expectations and goals.

We have earned the respect of readers by producing accurate and unique content.

Visits to our website have grown by nearly 300 percent. We’ve collected thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook and our weekly e-newsletter.

Because of our reputation and independent product, we were welcomed into the Idaho Press Club and Capital Correspondents. In our first year, we won multiple Idaho Press Club awards, including best online news website, and Kevin Richert was named Idaho’s Reporter of the Year.

We are proud to be a public awareness service dedicated to informing Idahoans about education policy and best practices.

We also are proud to say that almost every major newspaper and TV website in Idaho has republished our stories, including the Idaho Statesman, Idaho Press-Tribune, Twin Falls Times-News, Spokesman-Review, Coeur d’Alene Press and Boise State Public Radio. We have a regular partnership with KIVI Channel 6, we make frequent appearances on “Idaho Reports” and we partnered with Idaho Public Television on election debate coverage. We are grateful for their trust in our work and for granting us the needed exposure for our new service.

We know there are so many more educators, lawmakers, parents and taxpayers who will be interested in education news. Our funders agree, which is why we are tripling our staff to reach more Idahoans and cover every corner of the state.

To complement the extraordinary reporting and writing talents of Kevin Richert and Clark Corbin, we’re adding two talented professionals to enhance our offerings.

Andrew Reed

Andrew Reed

Andrew Reed starts today as our multimedia specialist. He joins us with a strong background in television and social media. He’ll deliver the news in a variety of platforms, such as photo galleries, videos, podcasts and graphics. He’ll also enhance our social media content.

We were fortunate to hire Randy Schrader as our education policy expert and data analyst. He has 30 years in education as a teacher, principal and superintendent. We consult with him every day. Randy also is an education data expert who will collect and mine data that will drive our investigative reporting. We’ll make sense of the numbers — from test results, to teacher evaluations to demographics. We will follow your tax dollars and hold lawmakers and educators accountable for your money.

Randy will orchestrate IdahoEdTrends.org to be the best data site in the country. It’s nearly there, hosting the most recent and publicly available data on every school, charter and district in Idaho. IdahoEdTrends.org has a feature where you can compare any schools in Idaho on demographics, academic achievement and financials. This product will become invaluable as we plug in the forthcoming ISAT scores that will be unveiled later this year.

Randy Schrader

Randy Schrader, education policy and data expert

We are committed to reaching all corners of Idaho, so we hired reporters David Keyes in Coeur d’Alene and Nate Sunderland in Rexburg. They will write news and features from their communities.

Also starting today is Brad Bolicek, our new management assistant who will help us produce special projects. And we’re looking forward to mentoring two student assistants, Nicole Criner and Stone Sutton, who are studying journalism and film.

We are first and foremost committed to being an accurate and independent messenger on public education in Idaho.

And we are now able to offer that news in a variety of formats and from every corner of the state.

We are humbled by your support these last two years. One of my favorite memories was hearing from a mother in Teton who was grateful for relevant education news so she could make better decisions for her children and family. While we love to hear from legislators, superintendents, educators and business leaders, hearing from parents validates our mission.

We are committed to improving Idaho Ed News and adjusting to find what’s best for our readers and followers. We have the resources and we have the talent.

Please contact me with your story ideas and tell us what you’d like us to investigate. Tell me what data you are interested in and we’ll go find it, mine it and write about it.

I look forward to developing the best place to find the most relevant, current and useful information on Idaho education.

Jennifer Swindell, managing editor of Idaho Education News