How to get 150,000 Twitter followers

Despite sharing every banal aspect of my life in mind-numbing detail, I remain some way short of 150,000 Twitter followers. Even the mighty PC Advisor’s informative feed remains a little shy. But UK design magazine Creative Review’s Twitter feed has hit the magic number, off the back of a print circulation of 20,000 and a website that delivers around 250,000 page impressions a month (compare that with PC Advisor’s 4 million or so views, and you’ll see just how impressive a stat that is).

In the best traditions of social media, we asked Neil Ayres, Creative Review’s own Twitter expert, to share how they did it, and he obliged.

Some of Neil’s tips are more suited to publications than individual Tweeters, some are more simple than others, but they all represent best practice. And if you want to know more, read ‘5 ways to get more relevant Twitter followers‘.

Read the full story:

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