Idaho Press Tribune: Steve Kren is “the weakest link among Canyon County’s delegation.”

Political observers could see this one coming a mile away.

Too much time on the Nintendo and XBox 360 can be detrimental to legislative efficiency.

Steven “Steve” Kren Jr. earned the Idaho Press-Tribune endorsement two years ago, but with this warning:

“We expect him to flex his political muscle more this term. If he doesn’t, he’ll need to be replaced,” reads todays IPT editorial.

Hi, my name is Steve Kren, I am your Representative from District 13. I am a small business owner, and committed to making government as efficient as my business. To pull out of this economic mess, we need business owners and citizens of Idaho keep as much of their money as possible. That is why I am committed to lower taxes and a strong proponent of legislation that supports family values.

reads the Facebook page Steven Kren for Idaho.

But the Press Tribune endorsement article details how Kren’s opponent, Christy Perry, outshines him.

The IPT wrote:

Voters gave him another chance.

The junior lawmaker got involved — and made mistakes. Kren unsuccessfully co-sponsored several key pieces.

Are legislators only effective if they successfully sponsor a law? No. Some build laws and some are the architects or framers. And some are effective because they kill bad legislation. Kren has been praised by some of his fellow lawmakers for doing just that. He’s also been the one who points out flaws voiced by others.

Unfortunately, Kren has lost credibility. He’s not confident with his speaking skills and can’t clearly articulate his views or he isn’t sufficiently informed.

In his endorsement interview he suggested that parents could pay user fees to help offset education cuts. This would violate the state’s constitution.

He also believes the state should explore programs so nonviolent offenders can be released and pay for special monitoring programs to make room for the violent criminals. Good idea, but already in place.

Kren, unfortunately did not take the time to present his best side in the Q & A posted online at

A smart politician makes sure his answers meet high standards when it comes to grammar and proper word choice and that they clearly outline his position. He didn’t.

Here are a couple of snippets:

First I want to say thank you to the citizens of Dist 13 and Canyon County for allowing me to serve them as there State Representative for the past four years. My wife Kalah and I love Idaho and Canyon County. I am a Canyon County native, being born and raised in Nampa gives me a understanding of how local taxes effect you. Knowing the struggles in our local economy and how business in our community our making it through these tough economic times, also, I am Vice-President of my family business in Nampa.

Doesn’t a comma come after an introductory expression such as “First?”
Is “State Representative” a proper noun that needs upper case?
Kren has been “there” state representative?
I am a Canyon County Native (complete sentence right?)
Being born and raised in Nampa … begins another complete sentence, right? There are such comma splices throughout Kren’s essay.

Take another look at the sentence “Knowing the struggles in our local economy and how business in our community our making it through these tough economic times, also, I am Vice-President of my family business in Nampa.”

We will let you edit/interpret/judge that one yourself.

Kren goes on to say:

“I have three children and over the past 4 years I have made education my top priority, (Really? Hey Steve, you need a period here, not a comma) now the public school system has to stretch the tax payers dollars to ensure the children of Idaho receive a quality education, (ditto) I have an invested interest (Steve, the expression is “vested interest” … read much?) in our public schools and will fight for student achievement and a quality education in Idaho” (you mean a quality education such as the one you are demonstrating?).

The Press Tribune continued:

These missteps, along with a not-so-stellar legislative record, make Kren the weakest link among Canyon County’s delegation.

We’re not sure he takes the job that seriously. Kren missed more than 50 votes. He says as a father of two and another baby born five weeks ago, he missed some votes so he could go to the doctor with his wife. Understandable. And if that were the only gaffe, no problem.

They also mention how:

Kren has had four years to cement himself firmly in the Canyon County delegation. But he’s simply not stepping up.

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