Some of the top reported shady businesses in Idaho


1) Overstock Clearance – Just before the holiday online shopping crush, this website – – appeared offering high-end, high-priced items at extremely low prices. BBB investigation showed the company was shipping from Nampa, Idaho. No such site existed, and a national investigation shut the website down.

2) Zeek Rewards – BBB was flooded with calls from people in eastern Idaho who invested in and Zeek Rewards. The company operated a penny auction site and affiliates program based in Davidson County, N.C. Investors were promised a share of net profits, but were paid out cash rewards from the payments of new investors. In November, refunds had begun.

3) Idaho Promotes – A local promoter has baited and switched businesses wishing to take part in several events in the Treasure Valley, cost business owners investment, time and lost revenues. Owner Kasey Thompson continues to promote events in the region.

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