Obama Intentionally Hurting the Nation

By Richard Larsen

We have a President who is intentionally hurting the nation and the people he’s entrusted to serve. In the name of the sequester, the White House’s own plan to clinch a budget deal last year, Obama is willfully and intentionally doing as much damage as he can. This is not subjective, but is verifiable fact.

The President rejected a proposal by the Senate Republicans to give the President more flexibility to pick and choose which programs should be cut to reach the $85 billion spending reduction over seven months mandated by the so-called sequester. That would have given him the opportunity to meet the requirements of the budget deal, without affecting the people our government is supposed to be serving. Keep in mind, that these legislatively mandated reductions are not cuts in actual spending, but only reflect a 2.5% reduction in the growth of government spending.

According to the President a few weeks ago, “There’s no smart way to do that [the sequester cuts],” he said. “These cuts are wrong. They’re not smart, they’re not fair. They’re a self-inflicted wound that doesn’t have to happen.” This is a surprising admission that his own plan is, in fact, stupid!

Actually, Mr. President, there was a smart and prudent way to do it. …

From the comments:

  1. jayhook says:

    Show me one politician that doesn’t place politics in front of the American people. Now congress is going to make exceptions on the sequester for the rich who travel, this includes the very same congress that is being ignored in the article.

    The republican held congress said the sequesters were exactly what they wanted, and now we are placing all the blame on the president. Blame needs to be given to both groups as they fight for power and control.

  2. Disgusted Reader says:


    Sequester was all Obama’s, he wanted it and now he doesn’t? Plenty of blame to spread around, feel free to share it. Now when it finally comes into play, guess who gets hit? Not the White House, but average citizens who through no fault of their own want to travel but can’t because? No, spite is the new way of doing things in D.C. and it sucks.

    Tired of the blame bus, it came on one administrations time in office. Give credit where credit is due.

    Please stop those who make money from traveling to make more but don’t stop those that spend it in large amounts from traveling? Is that the way it doesn’t work. 3 Watch Lists and all 3 failed to find an obvious perp? Cut their money, big time, the lists are a waste and will never find anything. Oh, mom is on the list too. Go figure.

    Article after article calling out Obama on the sequester the past few weeks. Take your pick. I won’t even suggest one for you. How much crow can Obama eat before he has his fill and we have enough of him?

    You’re right it’s about power and control, good observation. Heaven help us if the wrong people get the power and control.

  3. ike says:

    …”as painful as possible.”

    Since this phrase has the infamous hug of quotation marks, we are left to assume that someone in the administration actually said that. This is not the case. Mr. Larsen is being sloppy at best.


    Do you remember telling me that they (the Left) were the only ones who did that?

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Afterthoughts on Pocatello’s ordinance decision #gay #LGBT #lesbian #homosexual

By H. Wayne Schow

At the outset of Thursday’s Pocatello City Council meeting, everyone stood and repeated the “Pledge of Allegiance.” At meeting’s end, the Pledge’s concluding words, “with liberty and justice for all,” seemed to hang hollowly, hauntingly, in the air.

The dramatic 4-3 outcome makes a statement about our city to outsiders. It says we will not be in the vanguard with progressive cities like Sandpoint, Boise, Moscow, Ketchum, Salt Lake City and numerous others in fighting for equal justice. It says that, for the time being at least, the majority of our elected representatives would rather continue with the status quo.

Council members Nye (who moved to accept the motion), Bray, and Moore made abundantly clear that they recognize the existence of too much unfair treatment in our community directed against LGBT persons. Revealing, heartfelt testimony from the previous hearing had powerfully established that. They argued that the proposed ordinance could help to address that bias in the areas of housing and employment and ought to be adopted. Moore said his yes vote was an easy decision for him. Bray said that the proposed ordinance, if not perfect, was nonetheless a carefully considered first step, and subsequent adjustments could be made if needed.


From the comments:

ike says:


“It’s time for a new mayor.”

Replaced by who? I disagree with his decision (as you do), but as I’ve met with him on a couple of different occasions and know a number of people who interact with him rather intimately, I’m convinced that you Pocatellans have one hell of a mayor – this latest decision notwithstanding.

LFerro says:

Ike, Blad will have to “prove” that he’s a good mayor to me because all I’ve seen to date, is the opposite, a lot of talk, no action.

Disgusted Reader says:


He has to prove it to the electorate and not you. One man one vote, not on PC things and the religious can’t vote on it type of thing. Idaho went through that back in 1884 and it appears didn’t learn much since.

When action is counter productive then the only thing you can do is talk. DUH! Making things worse is not helpful, ever. But the perps in Boston were so innocent, just ask their mother and aunt.

I suspect your lack of backing him up will result in him being elected by a bigger majority next time around. Thanks for the compliment.

He could replace the mayor of Austin in a heartbeat and a huge bunch would be pleased down here.

We’re in the process of getting rid of a drunk D.A. and a bad judge here at present. One bad one at a time.

She tested .239 but says she wasn’t drunk but pleaded guilty anyway, the D.A. is now in jail serving a 45 day sentence for DUI. Dashcam videos were rather damning against her.

We’ve had a number of people yell, discrimination and when the videos came out they ended up being the perps. Get ready for Poky to be covered by thousands of cameras, which aren’t cheap to prove just who is the one with the problem. Isn’t technology expensive but helpful in showing things are just like most people thought they were and not what a few allege but can’t prove so they do the “bad law” route?

Never learn, do we?

Should Our Children Belong to the “Collective?”

By Richard Larsen

Just when we think the secular assaults against the nuclear family unit can’t get any worse, we disturbingly learn that they can. Now a host on a minor cable news network claims that we have to get over the idea that our children are ours, and accept the fact that they belong “collectively” to all of us.

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From the comments:

c. R. Stucki says:
April 13, 2013 at 7:59 am

The current effort on the part of the Obama administration to expand universal pre-K education to 3 and 4 yr-olds, in spite of the well-documented overwhelming failure of ‘Headstart’, is certainly an obvious step in the direction Rick’s post deals with.

Disgusted Reader says:

Good point, Mr. c.R. Stucki, well taken.

Mr. Reagan was right when he stated “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

He also said: “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.” I’m waiting for another president to lose his job and soon so things can start back to the “old normal”.

jayhook says:

I just happen to listen to Glen Beck and his comparison between education in the United states and professional basketball. What do the professional basketball players make, and how much are the coaches paid? Boise’s football coach earns one and a half million a year, how does that compare to a teacher. I expect that winning a game is more important than teaching children so they can win in the game of life. Let’s not pay one damn more cent for education, but lets pay millions to sports; we don’t care if you can read, but the ability to play basketball is more important.

Maybe our priorities are just a little screwed up!


A bad day for Obama is a good day for America

By Neal Larson

Conservatives felt a nice mix of celebration and relief this week after the devastating failure of President Obama’s gun control push. Celebration over keeping the 2nd Amendment largely intact. And relief that Barack Obama is not the anti-Christ after all! Pretty sure the anti-Christ could have gotten gun control through Congress. But it’s clear that a lame duck golf-addicted President with an over-inflated sense of self and slipping clout cannot. What’s even better, is that members of his own party, concerned about their 2014 political prospects, bailed on him, derailing plans to blame Republicans for allowing the deaths of American children. That was supposed to be a key messaging element of a planned 2014 Democratic takeover. He knew all along the Manchin-Toomey bill was doomed in the House, and that’s where it was supposed to be defeated to maximize their political strategy.

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From the comments:

Disgusted Reader says:

I’m waiting for the day that liberal democrats have to pass a background check of the political kind.

Gun Control? Where did the perps get their guns in Boston and better yet their explosives? I’ll lay odds they don’t appear on any background check period. They have more and more stringent laws back there and look at the reward for those laws. Pressure cooker bombs instead that you don’t have to have a background check for YET.

I don’t smoke and those that do will have to live with the consequences of smelling like a walking garbage can.

Perp control, that’s what we need on a national scale and then some. Immigration control where perps from Chechnya don’t come here with their built-in mayhem. I’m with their uncle, they need to be called losers and take their punishment. Good man, their uncle.

Hell, enforce the laws we have, we don’t need more. But then we’d have to arrest Mr. Holder for violating a big one.

But Obama didn’t want to win a political victory of any kind, did he? And 90% wanted his way? I don’t think so, most polls showed we were divided on the subject with no clear majority on either side. 30% of 90% says 27% were on his side.

Mike says:

I get pretty “disgusted” with articles bad mouthing our elected leaders by “Conservatives” who do not represent the 99% of us, just the Rich, the Billionaires, Wall Street and Corporations”, the 1%.
Why anyone would vote for an elected official who votes for only 1% of the electorate is beyond me, especially when most make under $100,000 annually.
We got a lot of problems today, most were legislated by “Conservatives” bribed and paid for by Corporations, Billionaires, and Wall Street” while shifing the wealth from the Shrinking Middle Class and Poor to the 1% these past 30 plus years.
As I occasionally listen to “Choose the Right” Conservative Radio and TV of Fox, Limbaugh, Savage, Medfled, Beck, Hannity, and others who really are mouth pieces for the Corporations, Rich, and Wall Street, lying to us, distorting news, with one agenda, keep us ill informed for the benefit of the Rich, the Corporations, and Wall Street, and maing us believe they are “for us, the Middle Class and Poor”. If you are collecting Food Stamps, you are Not Middle Class, but working poor. Like the 3 out of 4 jobs created last year as minimum wage. The Right to Work for less law designed to keep livable wages at poverty levels. Yet, people seem to believe they are “Middle Class” and “Conservative”.
Nothing could be further from the Truth. The Only thing “Conservative” about a “Conservative” is to make the Rich, Wall Street and Corporations Richer at the expense of the Middle Class and Poor. Until we wake up, and look beyond the South East Idaho Propaganda machine, bad mouthing Obama, the government, Obamacare, and other tactics, the shift of wealth will continue to slide out of the hands of the Middle Class to the Rich, the Corporations, and Wall Street.
Look outside the box, outside the mis-information of what we hear on the “choose the Right” radio and TV. Wise up.
Seek the Truth. You will not find it just by reading nonsense like this or listening to “Choose the Right” Propaganda.
PBS, Ed Schultz, Bill Moyers, Tom Hartmann, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Fortune, Barrons, Wall Street Journal, Nation, Progressive, In These Times, High Tower Report, Mother Jones, Internet, and Satellite Radio and TV, Current, Link, Free Speech TV, and others along with Fox and Limbaugh. Then you just might be enlightened, like I have.
Oh, since the Assault Weapons bill failed, I am saving up for an AR-15 (about $900), 100 round Magazines ($150 on line), ten 30 round magazines, 5,000 rounds of .223 ammo, and “Bump Stock” to modify legally to 400 rounds per minute firing rate at 3200 foot muzzle velocity, so I can keep up with the Jones.

Here is my “dream” weapon.