LED: No other type of lighting offers as much potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our building environments


“Our LED lighting systems are green, cost-effective and safe. But don’t take our word for it,” says SuperGreen Solutions of Boise, Idaho. The U.S. Department of Energy said that no other type of lighting “offers as much potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our building environments.”

Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) don’t contain a filament that will burn out. They also remain fairly cool, which is excellent for either commercial or residential AC bills. LEDs are illuminated by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor. When the electrons move, they release visible light.


Most LED bulbs come with a five-year warranty. They last longer than other kinds of lighting and use approximately 75% less energy than traditional lighting. The lifespan of the LED bulb is approximately 50,000 to 80,000 hours, which adds up to almost twenty years of constant illumination. According to EnergyStar.gov, LED lighting can last far longer than incandescent lighting and fluorescent lighting: 35 to 50 times longer for incandescent and 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescents. This form of energy efficient lighting may initially be more expensive than more traditional types of lighting, but the long-term savings are outstanding, with an estimated 60%-85% reduction in lighting bills. Whether you need industrial LED lighting or residential LED lighting, switching to an LED light source offers tremendous potential for considerable savings.

Whoops! How many of us have accidentally dropped a light bulb? All of us – and picking up shattered pieces of light bulb fragments can be dangerous. Compact florescent lamps (CFLs) contain an estimated five milligrams of toxic mercury, which has been known to cause brain damage. If you drop a CFL, vacuuming it up can cause toxic mercury vapor to be released into the air – and this mercury vapor is particularly dangerous to children and fetuses.

LEDs do not contain toxic chemicals. This form of energy efficient lighting is safe for your household or office. LED bulbs are recyclable and far more durable than other kinds of bulbs. LEDs are also safe for use in museums or art galleries. These spaces would greatly benefit from a commercial LED lighting system, as traditional bulbs with UV emissions may damage sensitive objects or materials. LEDs don’t produce much heat. Not only will this have a positive impact on your cooling costs, but kids or family members won’t accidentally burn their fingers on an LED bulb.

SuperGreen Solutions Opens Boise Idaho Store

Logo OneWith a product range that appeals to energy conscious buyers builders and homeowners, SuperGreen Solutions has arrived in Boise!

The store is constantly updated with new products and services for many applications to meet the exponential demand.

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Do you have questions on how to make your home or perhaps your business into a environmentally friendly space? SuperGreen Solutions Boise can help to guide you. Stop in at 1503 S. Broadway
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Tax Rebates & Incentives: The government as well as municipal entities offer extensive tax incentives to individuals and businesses thus making it easier than ever. Ask us how you can take full advantage of these incentives.


Domestic and Commercial Energy-Efficient Solutions: Having been in the Energy Efficiency industry for over 18 years, the founders of SuperGreen Solutions have established a solid reputation spanning three continents. Our unique position is centered around the expansion of products available to the general public and in the creation and sustainability of energy through cost-saving solutions.

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SuperGreen Solutions leads the North American market as premier advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions, making us truly a ‘one stop energy efficient solution shop’. Having been in the Energy Efficiency industry for over 18 years the founders have established a solid reputation spanning 3 continents. They are different because they look at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view, to provide our clients with total solutions.

Competitive Pricing:  To ensure their company’s competitive pricing edge, SuperGreen Solutions is backed by, and linked to an international buying group including Allsafe Energy Efficient Products of Australia, Green Power Solutions of USA and Australia and the USA’s United Franchise Groups 1400+ stores.

goal zero logo This power in numbers enables the best brands at the right price, as our long term goal is to save you and your clients energy and money. They take pride in using North American made products wherever possible. They take delight in demonstrating that best practice does not necessary translate into higher costs and show that neutral costing or positive revenue can be achieved.

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Such outcomes are achieved through sound consideration of elements including:

The client brief of the nature of the building and how it will be interacted with, along with construction materials, aspect and orientation. A long term perspective is taken with cost of installation vs cost of future operation, over laid with workplace health and safety considerations. Using our strength of understanding in our field we are able to achieve the best outcomes through the provision of alternative choices that meet the identified need.

As long term suppliers of energy efficient products, they are acutely aware of the environment and performance requirements sought within this region. Just as the region and the needs of our client base are diverse, so too is their product range. What never alters is that our product range has been selected based on quality, reputation, proven performance and an underlying preference to products that are American made.