The Gun Guide for People Who Know Nothing About Firearms


The Gun Guide for People Who Know Nothing About Firearms:

The problem with talking about firearms is that people tend to be either gun nuts or they’re totally ignorant and/or scared to death of firearms. If you’re a novice and try to find answers online you’re soon flooded with divergent opinions, conflicting advice, and sometimes ridicule for asking such “stupid” questions.

Finding answers in person, in a gun store, surrounded by firearm devotees, is even more intimidating! Who, in their right mind wants to embarrass themselves in a room full of complete strangers!

The print version of this book is titled The Gun Guide for Those Who Know Nothing About Firearms. It’s also available at Amazon Books.

This book takes those who are new to the world of firearms and explains the basics of how firearms work, the strengths and weaknesses of every major type of firearm you’re likely to encounter, and in the final section, shows you how to evaluate firearm and ammunition choices. When you’re finished reading this book you’ll be equipped to make an informed purchase that takes into account your budget and your needs.

Amazon review:

I’m just starting to get into guns and shooting and this book gave me enough information that I finally feel ready to enter a gunstore for the first time. This book will do nothing for anybody who is already into guns and shootings, but as the title suggests this book is for the complete newbie. Book covered a lot of the basics on how guns work (what “action” means, etc.), as well as a good starting point on what all the different rounds of ammunition are. A great book for the total beginner. And like I said, it gave me enough knowledge that when I go into a gun store, I won’t be totally confused by all the terms.

Steven Gregersen lives with his wife on a 20 acre (almost!) self-sufficient, off-grid homestead in the mountains of northwestern Montana. His early years were spent in Kansas where he worked summers on his grandparent’s farm. He enrolled in the auto-mechanic’s course at the local vocational school while still attending High School. Upon graduating he served three years in the USMC. After that he pursued a career as an auto mechanic, eventually owning his own auto repair business.
Steven has been a life-long student. He grew up hunting and fishing and, as an adult, added trapping, ammunition reloading, gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, photography and other skills. He earned his college degree in his late 30s and served as a pastor and Christian camp director. His primary source of income at this time is writing. He’s had articles published in Fur-Fish-Game magazine, Traditional Bowhunter magazine, Primitive Archer magazine, Backwoodsman magazine, Back Home magazine, Backwoods Home magazine, and several others. He currently has two books in print and is working on a third.

His writing is not based on research but on his experiences in life. He’s a “hands on” type of guy. When there’s a new skill to be learned he’s never content to just read or watch a Youtube video. He has to do it himself. When he writes of homesteading, shooting, reloading, hunting or any other topic you can bet that he’s done it himself and is sharing that experience with you.