Rob Chiles Resigns from Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce

The Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Officer, Robb Chiles, is resigning effective immediately. Summer Joy reached out to the Board Chairman, Jim Hammon, to find out why Chiles left and what the public can expect for the future from the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce.

  For at least a little while there will be one empty seat at the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce board meetings.  After serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer for 10 years, Robb Chiles, notified Jim Hammon, the Board Chairman, on Monday morning with a verbal notification; by that night Hammon received his written resignation effective immediately to pursue other options.

“Anytime you lose a key member of an organization, it takes a minute to get our footing underneath of us and we are certainly have responded well to that. We are going to continue to move forward and the chamber is going to remain strong,” said the Board Chairman, Jim Hammon.