Book Review: Soul Sale is a Groundbreaking Work by Americus Dotter

This is what it looks like when the devil attacks.  In  Soul Sale: A Rude Awakening by Americus Dotter, the author , a human egg donor for Yale University, discovers that many of her embryos have gone to stem cell research. Unknown to her she has contributed to an industry that is at the center of our generation’s greatest moral and ethical debate. Her story begins when she purchases a vehicle off of Craigslist that was involved in a highway shooting of a local hero. When the case explodes into an FBI investigation Amy finds herself at the center of suspicion and a torturous battle for her soul ensues. Discover how it is that she keeps her soul intact and how she responds when she is called to the Court of Heaven and must testify as to her true intentions.

Click on image to read more about this book

Click on image to read more about this book

Americus Dotter was an ovum donor for many fertility clinics across the United States including Yale University, and helped many couples achieve their goal of creating a family. Stem cell research and the ethics surrounding it are one of her primary concerns. Her book, Soul Sale, is the raw story of spiritual warfare that she experienced in 2008 following the birth of her own child. It is an example of “quantum psychiatry,” a term that is gaining popularity and support in the psychiatric community. Quantum psychiatry is thought to be where spirituality and science meet to expose unproven realities. In a time where the transhuman agenda is beginning to appear in headlines, the ethics surrounding stem cell research must be discussed and unintended consequences of our knowledge should be examined. Amy Dotter successfully sheds light on these issues in a creative true story not like any ever heard before.

An amazon reviewer wrote:

I walked into a local bookstore to see an artist book signing. I love to read and thought I don’t do much for myself, I am going to buy this book. I didn’t ask what the book was about and I have never just walked up to an author and purchased a book. I was drawn to this woman it was as though I was following a beacon, like something told me I had to stop, I could not pass up this book or meeting.. I am personally dealing with much more than I can handle at the moment and this book and the authors experiences let me know I am not alone. No I didn’t have the same experiences and do not have the same exact mental issues. However, I have had or do have many of the same thoughts and feelings.
During my tour through the author’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings, I laughed, I cried, I related, and I was motivated to take my own life back to find happiness again.. When this book becomes a movie, if it isn’t to scary, I would love to see it.

Americus Dotter’s Story

Jennifer Lahl—Eggsploitation Executive Producer, Director, and Writer—interviews a woman whose mental health suffered in the wake of selling her eggs.
Jennifer Lahl: Why did you decide to be an egg donor?

532518_10151338153022184_1235879507_nAmericus Dotter*: I first heard of egg donation while living in McCall, Idaho. I was approached by an acquaintance that felt I was a good candidate. She would receive a bonus if I had a successful retrieval. I had just had my first child and was so in love with my new baby that I felt terrible for women that could not have that experience. The process appealed to me even before I knew that I would be paid compensation. I feel very glad that I did not just get into it for the money, as I am sure many young women do. The thought of helping someone out was its own reward.

JL: How many times did you donate (sell) your eggs?

AD: I donated a total of 8 times over the next ten years and had two more of my own children between cycles.

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