500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!

17447401500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!


Few likes on your company’s Facebook page? Not seeing social media ROI? Unsure of how to make the most of social media marketing, or even where to start? 500 Social Media Marketing Tips can help! This book is your guide to social media success for business, featuring hundreds of actionable strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Vine, and more! Each tip will guide you to establishing a strong brand presence on social media, attracting and engaging with loyal customers, and increasing web traffic and sales.

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Unlike most educational books, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips’ practical layout and concise instructions ensure that you’ll take away something valuable every time you read, whether it’s 5 minutes at your desk, half an hour on your commute, or all day at the weekend!Social Media Marketing Facts – Your Customers Are There!

  • As of August 2013, 72% of online adults in North America used social networking sites, and that number leaps to 89% for the 18-29 age range (PreInternet).
  • Annual social commerce sales are expected to climb to over $30 billion by 2015 (up from $9 billion in 2012) (Gartner, AICPA).
  • Social media users are willing to pay a 21% premium for brands that deliver great service through social networks (Media Bistro).
  • 77% of businesses have acquired new customers through Facebook marketing alone (Marketing Charts).
  • 97% of marketers agree that effective social media marketing provides benefits and value to their business (eMarketer).
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I Did Not Sign On For the #Outrage


My notes are already quaint: Dylan Farrow, the XOJane column, White Feminism, the billionaire who compared the One Percent to the Jews in Germany during World War II, “The Magical Putter and Dr. V” story at Grantland, the Kellers, SNL before their first black woman hire in seven years, Kanye West. The publicist who went to Africa and lost her job by the time she landed, over a racist tweet.

That last one already feels like it happened a year ago. But that was just before Christmas.

I thought, for a moment, that my topic was “feed fatigue”—I was so sick of everything. I noticed that sometime around last fall I kept stopping myself from tweeting, “What are we mad about today?” because it seemed just too pathetic, and also, that someone would get unreasonably angry at me for it. And while I’m not really one to shy away from a fight for something I believe in, I didn’t want to fight meaninglessly. It seemed increasingly to be what was happening. I was tired of it now almost from the moment I signed on. I didn’t want to unfollow people because of some Twitter fight that might last, at most, a day.

– See more at: http://www.damemagazine.com/2014/02/06/i-did-not-sign-outrage?utm_content=bufferc447a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#sthash.BbrKSfyd.dpuf