Aspen Morrow’s highly anticipated book Med Free Bipolar: Thrive Naturally using the Med Free MethodTM (Med Free MethodTM Book Series: Natural Cures Bipolar) [Kindle Edition] is now available on amazon!

imagesSearching for an answer? Aspen Morrow’s highly anticipated book Med Free Bipolar: Thrive Naturally using the Med Free MethodTM (Med Free MethodTM Book Series: Natural Cures Bipolar) [Kindle Edition] is now available on amazon!


Aspen’s young career as an international investigative journalist ended abruptly in an involuntary committal to a padded cell with a drain in the floor. Told she should apply for disability and not have children due to her mental illness, at age 22, Aspen had given up hope life would ever be normal again. Speaking out now for the first time, she shares how she beat the odds, recovered fully from a severe case of Bipolar 1 with schizophrenic tendencies, ADD, anxiety, and SPD. From food stamps to business woman of the year, Aspen has spent the past ten years putting her investigative skills to use to bring to light the latest and greatest natural remedies in mental health care. Learn how thousands have recovered, step by step, in her first book in the Med Free Method™ Book Series: Med Free Bipolar.

In Med Free Bipolar you will Learn:

Natural alternatives that are as effective as prescriptions

What you need to know before quitting meds and how to get your doctor and family on board

What types of doctors can actually heal you (some who even take insurance/medicaid!)

What tests to ask for to rule out physical causes that look psychiatric

Natural supplements that can effectively END: rage, anger issues, anxiety, insomnia, racing thoughts, night terrors and “surround sound” noise sensitivity

How to shut your brain off when you want

What kind of diet is the best for bipolar

What to feed to your brain when it’s manic, depressed, racing, and having mixed episodes

Natural cures for lost libido and medication weight gain

Easy, lazy lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference in your mental health

The primary goal of Med Free Bipolar is to show that treating bipolar effectively through natural means is not only possible, but highly likely. The Med Free Method™ is designed as a fourth treatment option over being medicated, “unmedicated”, or “self-medicated”, written by a peer who has been through it and backed by scientifically-proven, field-tested methods.

“I help people maximize their sexual experience. I’ve created a Store with items real people can benefit from. My commitment is to take the ‘Sleaze’ out of your shopping experience and shop quality items from home.” -Dr. Severson

“I help people maximize their sexual experience. I’ve created a Store with items real people can benefit from. My commitment is to take the ‘Sleaze’ out of your shopping experience and shop quality items from home.” -Dr. Severson

 photo 2406117a-15fc-40c2-8b94-ef7547ee2456_zps66f5f476.jpg


EXCERPT FROM: Introduction to “Real Talk . . . Real Medicine!”

Real Talk . . .Real Medicine!

With Dan Tarter and Dr. Cherese Severson

Welcome to the inaugural blog of Real Talk. . .Real Medicine! This is the place where we talk in very real terms about sexual health. I’m Dan, I keep the “talk” real . . .and I’m Cherese, I am your medical expert with real answers to your questions regarding sex. Dan and I came up with this idea just shortly after we started dating. I was telling him how many patients come to me in my primary care practice with issues regarding sexuality, sexual intercourse and intimacy. Many times, I would recommend products at the local adult store to help couples with a sexual issue. The patients would thank me for the information but upon follow-up when I’d ask them how they were doing many would say “Dr. Severson! I couldn’t go in that store! Someone might see me!” Others would say something along the lines of, “I can’t believe lubricant of all things has changed my marriage!”
Clearly there is a need as well as stigma surrounding patronage at an adult store. After going to the store on behalf of my patients who were too uncomfortable to go themselves, Dan the business guy suggested we find a way to get products to patients in a more private and yet professional manner. Thus the Real Talk . . .Real Medicine online Store and Blog were born!

Read more at;

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Diabetes Soaring Among American Adults: Report

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 5 (HealthDay News) — The number of American adults treated for diabetes more than doubled between 1996 and 2007, rising from about 9 million to 19 million, says a federal government report released Wednesday.

By age groups, the number of adults treated for diabetes increased from 4.3 million to 8 million among people age 65 and older; 3.6 million to 8.9 million among adults aged 45 to 64; and 1.2 million to 2.4 million among people aged 18 to 44, reported the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Diabetes comes in two forms: type 1, an autoimmune disorder in which patients lack the insulin-producing cells needed to control blood sugar; and type 2, often related to obesity, where cells gradually lose sensitivity to insulin. Over 95 percent of diabetes cases are of the type 2 variety.

Democrats outline health insurance guarantees to benefit everyone

Much of the healthcare reform debate has focused on the 47 million Americans who lack health insurance. But reform isn’t only about the people who don’t have insurance. It’s about those who have coverage, said R. Keith Roark, chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party.

“Hysteria over healthcare reform is being driven by Republicans and their allies in big out-of-state insurance and pharmaceutical companies who have a huge stake in keeping the status quo,” Roark said. “It’s unconscionable that rather than try to guarantee better healthcare for everyone, including the millions of Americans who like their insurance, Idaho Republicans are resorting to lies about what reform will mean for Idaho families and businesses. Fear mongering won’t obscure what the vast majority of our citizens know: The healthcare system is broken, and if we don’t fix it now, it will get worse. ”

Roark added that most insured Americans are satisfied with the coverage they have, but many people have concerns about losing coverage if they become sick, lose their job, move to a new job or launch a business of their own. That’s why Democrats including President Barack Obama and Congressman Walt Minnick agree on these Eight Health Insurance Guarantees that must be part of any reform legislation passed this year:

1) No discrimination for pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies will be prohibited from refusing coverage because of medical history.

2) No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays. Insurance companies will have to abide by yearly caps on how much they can charge for out-of-pocket expenses.

3) No cost sharing for preventive care. Insurance companies must fully cover – without charge – regular checkups and tests that help prevent illness, including mammograms or eye and foot exams for diabetics.

4) No dropping of coverage for seriously ill. Insurance companies will be prohibited from dropping or lessening coverage for people who become seriously ill.

5) No gender discrimination. Insurance companies will be prohibited from charging people more because of their gender.

6) No annual or lifetime caps on coverage. Insurance companies will be prevented from placing annual or lifetime caps on the coverage people receive.

7) Extended coverage for young adults. Children will be eligible for family coverage through the age of 26.

8) Guaranteed insurance renewal. Insurance companies will be required to renew a policy as long as the policyholder pays their premium in full. Insurance companies won’t be allowed to refuse renewal if someone becomes sick.

“These principles will hold the insurance companies accountable, and end the unscrupulous business practices that lead to windfall profits for health insurance executives and poorer health outcomes for everyone else,” Roark said.

People interested in sorting out fact from fiction in health insurance reform can get information at a new website,