Wishing for Wheels: Local NAPA AutoCare Centers Join Forces

CulverBOISE, ID: In what ways could we come together and have a positive impact in our community? What could we accomplish together that we could not do alone? Those questions and others were discussed and answered at a recent meeting of the NAPA AutoCare Business Development Group. The coalition of nine auto services providers, including Garry’s Automotive, Christian Brothers, State Street Auto Repair, Dr. Floyd’s Garage, Maz-Tech Automotive, and Heritage Auto Repair, has participated in Wishing for Wheels projects in the past.

These projects look different each time, but have a common thread. “We combine our resources to reach beyond what any one of us could do alone, to help a person or group in need that could not afford the repairs required to stay on the road,” wrote Tony Zanders of Heritage Auto Repair in Meridian. Zanders was recently presented with such an opportunity. Travis Culver is a local media personality who worked for a time at 89.5FM KTSY. He was a worship pastor at a local church, and recently has been developing a cable TV program called Love Where You Live. His livelihood is directly connected to his skills as a communicator. In September, at 39 years old, he heard these words, “It doesn’t look good. It appears you have cancer.”

“As a young father and husband, Culver is now faced with the traumatic realization that the tumors found in his brain after multiple MRI’s will affect his career, his family and his very life. He has been diagnosed as Stage 4,” Zanders said.  “He has been subjected to extensive procedures, chemotherapy, and surgeries; as well as the resulting physical challenges each of those present. Last week Culver brought his truck over for service with these instructions: Let’s go ahead and fix all those things you mentioned a while ago.”

NAPA Right SizeCulver’s vehicle had multiple maintenance concerns and necessary repairs. “He wants to fix them all,” Zanders said. “Having a personal relationship with him, I asked him what his goal was for this repair.” Through tears, Culver said he just wants to take his family camping again, and not have to worry about his truck. The cost was more than $4000, and members from NAPA AutoCare Business Development Group donated all of the necessary work.

The community is also pitching in to help the Culver family:

How can you help? Donate today at the GofundMe page for Travis Culver at: https://www.gofundme.com/2s4mjpx8?ssid=805926671&pos=1. The Boise NAPA AutoCare Centers are a group of independent and family owned businesses. They co-op the cost to market together and bring you special offers available at their select autocare centers.  More information about NAPA AutoCare Business Development Group is available at http://napaautorepairboise.com/

Where to Buy Rock Salt Ice Melter


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Troy McClain of AXS Delivers Keynote at Business Analysis and Project Management Association Conference in Winnipeg

For the 4th year in a row, Troy McClain of AXS  was invited to attend the prestigious Business Analysis and Project management association conference in Winnipeg.

“I am honored to be presenting my approach to business and project management” said McClain before his classic talk.”

He delivered a keynote address called EQ vs. IQ.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know people make decisions based on their emotions, the conference website reads. Just look at politics, religion and retail purchases across the world. Furthermore, we know marketing experts have learned the best way to motivate a person, group or company is through their emotions. Yet over the years, the basic belief and standard for defining and choosing a strong leader within a company has always been to measure ones IQ, which in fact, measures logical reasoning, word comprehension and math skills rather than their creative potential or ability to relate to a person, group or company team.

Troy McClain, season one Apprentice finalist, shared his story of how he developed a leadership role and successful business by focusing on EQ rather than IQ. This session took the audience on an eye opening journey of discovering yourself, how to manage your emotions, learn how others think, and how to process these emotions to work more efficiently with others in your organization. Mark Twain once said, “Common sense ain’t so common” This session aims to bring it back into the workforce.

The conference offers Focused Symposium Conference Tracks where attendees learn from the real-world experiences of industry experts and practitioners who will show you how to achieve outstanding business results, according its official website.

Troy McClain is the CEO of The McClain Companies, a full-service marketing, communications and business management firm focused on growing people and businesses to great heights.

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in the financial industry, Troy has learned how to create budgets, manage costs and cost-effectively market and communicate products, services and causes. Using innovative techniques and strategies, he has been instrumental in providing successful growth concepts to companies and professionals working toward a higher level of achievement.

Today, Troy is an international speaker on a variety of topics, such as entrepreneurism, finance, advertising, marketing and communications, personal growth, and giving back to one’s community. He has been honored by numerous high-profile figures and organizations, such as Governor of Idaho C.L. “Butch” Otter, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne, Donald Trump, the Kellogg Innovation Network, and Special Olympics International.

Bottom Rung: Why One Idaho Border Business Chose Washington


The border between Washington and Idaho is like a petri dish for what the minimum wage does to the economy. That’s where two extremes meet. Idaho has the federal minimum wage: $7.25 an hour. While Washington’s is nearly $2 more.

At $9.19, Washington has the highest minimum wage in the nation. You might expect that wage gap to send Washington border businesses fleeing over to Idaho. But that’s not what’s happening.

Idahoans like Ron Mendive pride themselves on having a business-friendly state. The Republican state representative from Coeur d’Alene shares the view of many about the minimum wage.


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Wayne Hoffman’s “market solution” logic starts to run into problems.


This is where the “market solution” logic starts to run into problems. Because if you assume that Nampa and Idaho Falls do need this kind of organized convention and visitor effort, whether public or private, then someone will have to pay for it. If a coalition of motels, restaurants et al wanted to undertake the effort, it would cost them. And they would have to do what businesses usually have to do under such cases when their costs of doing business rise: In this case, raise room rates and meal costs. Same end result. Except that the businesses would have to be responsible for making the tourism effort work – the risk would be concentrated among them, rather than spread through a community that would broadly, one would think, be getting some benefit from larger visitation.

There are, after all, reasons why these business people aren’t doing it. It may not pencil out as an immediate profit-generator. There may be difficulties getting the various businesses to work together in a mutually agreeable way. Plenty of reasons come to mind, but most of them wouldn’t advance the case of the one-size-fits-all “market solution.”

Full story: So why don’t they do it?