Sample Letter to Help Student Who Has Fallen Behind in Online School

Hi (Insert Name Here),

As your homeroom teacher, I am reaching out to help you in school.

Currently, you have 95 overdue lessons. You have completed 162 lessons. If you complete the regular 25 lessons each week, and do five lessons a day on Saturday and Sunday, you will reduce your overdue lessons by a significant margin! You can also do extra lessons during the week. And finally, you can work over Christmas break. School is not in session that week. That means that no additional lessons will be added to your planner and that teachers will not be available. This is a great time to catch up! This will go a long way to helping you finish the semester successfully. Each lesson should take about one hour so you’ll want to set aside 5-6 hours per day for lesson completion. I would much rather you complete the lessons as expected than rush through everything.

Remember, the last day to complete work this semester is January 17. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Contact teachers if you have questions about upcoming lessons.


Mr. Teacher

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