A Look at the Online Public Schools in Idaho

There are eight public online schools in the Gem State. Each have different approaches. Below is a list:

1. iSucceed Virtual High School: http://isucceedvhs.net/ (9-12)
2. Idaho Virtual Academy: http://idva.k12.com/ (K-12)
3. Idaho Technical Career Academy: http://itca.k12.com/ (9-12)
4. Idaho Connects Online School: https://www.iconschool.org/ (6—12)
5. Richard McKenna Charter School: http://www.rmckenna.org/ (K-12)
6. Kootenai Bridge Academy: https://www.kootenaibridgeacademy.org/ (16 -21 age)
7. Another Choice Virtual School: https://www.anotherchoicecharter.org/ (K-12, out of Nampa)
8. Bonneville Online High School: http://www.d93online.com/ (9-12)
9. Idaho Distance Education Academy: http://www.idahoidea.org/ (K-12)
10. Bonneville Online Elementary: http://www.d93onlinek8.com/10/Content/854 (K-8)
11. Idaho Youth Challenge Academy: http://www.idyouthchallenge.com/ (age 16-18 and a dropout/expelled)

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