How to Acquire and Use Green-friendly Insulation

left ventilationSimply put, insulation is the buffer between the exterior building wall and the interior wall. A well-insulated home or office can mean the difference between a comfortable, quiet space…and a space that is just as cold, hot, or noisy as the outside. During the hot summer, insulation keeps cool air inside the building and keeps warm air out. When it’s winter, insulation does just the opposite: keeps warm air inside while keeping cold air out.

The proper kind of eco-friendly insulation can also have a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency. It can also reduce the stress placed on your AC unit, as well as reduce the sounds of cars or airplanes from being heard inside.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND INSULATION How can insulation give your home or business maximum energy efficiency? For one thing, adding the correct amount of energy efficient insulation to an already existing home or business can drastically reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint. This one simple change can increase property value. Our energy-saving insulation product can reduce the stress placed on your HVAC unit, as well as decrease the sound pollution from road traffic, commercial and industrial facilities, and nearby airports from entering your livable or work spaces.

Product description:
Solaro Energy ™  Reflective Insulation is engineered to increase energy efficiency, Provide a clean finished appearance, and simplify installation for all residential, post frame, light-gauge steel, and commercial insulation applications.Right Insulation

The core of the product is made of a solid layer of flexible foam designed especially for Solaro Energy ™  that provides excellent insulation characteristics in a moisture proof design. The core of the Solaro Shield X is 1/8” thick while Solaro Shield is available at 1/4” providing additional insulation value and durability. In addition, the multiple facing combinations are thermally bonded in a unique process that provides a long term quality finish to every Solaro Shield roll.­

Features and Benefits:

Product use
Solaro Shield Products can be used for new construction as well as retrofit in a variety of applications, such as Residential – Commercial horse dairy or livestock building as well as for finished walls, building insulation, condensation control, and as a thermal break and vapor barrier. Solaro Shield can be perforated for applications where a vapor barrier is not needed.

Wood Frame             Retrofit

Metal Frame             Light-gauge steel

Metal Roofs              Workshops

Agriculture               House Wrap

Residental                Attics


Facing Options

Product Specs


-Solaro Shield:    ¼” moisture-proof polyethylene (R-value=0.92 core only)

-Solaro ShieldLT:   1/8”” moisture-proof polyethylene (R-value=0.45 core only)


-White Ploy   –   Foil

-White Woven   –   Reflective

System Thermal R-Values (ft•h•°F/Btu)

Solaro Shield

Downwards (7/16”OSB/2.75” airspace/Solaro Shield/2.75” airspace/ ½” Gypsupm)

Horizontal (Vinyl siding/1” airspace/Solaro Shield/ 7/16” OSB)

Horizontal (Vinyl siding/ 2.75”airspace/ Solaro Shield/ 2.75” airspace/ ½” Gypsupm)

middle ventilationSolaro Shield X

Downwards (7/16” OSB/2.75” airspace/Solaro Shield/2.75” airspace/ ½”Gypsupm)

Upwards (7/16” OSB/2.75” airspace/Solaro Shield X/2.75” airspace/ ½”Gypsupm)

Horizontal (Vinyl siding/1” airspace/Solaro Shield X/ 7/16” OSB)

Horizontal (Vinyl siding/ 2.75”airspace/ Solaro Shield X/ 2.75” airspace/ ½” Gypsupm)

Surface Reflectivity

  • Foil up to 97%
  • White N/A
  • Reflective up to 94%

Flame Sprea / Smoke Spread – AS M E84

– White Poly or White Woven Exposed                0/15

– Reflective Exposed                                         0/10

– Foil Exposed                                                   N/A

Usable Temperature

Warning: Solaro Shield products have been ASTM E84 tested. It is not recommended that Solaro Shield be exposed to possible ignition sources or open flame during shipping storage or installation.

Caution: Aluminum foil conducts electricity. Care should be taken around electrical sources and overhead power lines.

System R-Values are calculated for enclosed air-to-air spaces for the specific applications and orientations as described. The R-Value of reflective insulation is application and orientation specific. Please contact your Solaro Energy™ representative for a complete table of system R-Value based on different installation methods.

Read this before you buy: The chart shows the R-Value of this insulation. R means resistance of heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power. Compare insulation R-Values be=fore you buy. There are other factors to consider. The amount of insulation you need depends mainly on the climate, where you live. Also, your fuel savings from insulation will depend on climate, the type and size of structure, the amount of insulation already in your structure and your fuel use patterns and occupancy. If you buy too much insulation, it will cost you more than you’ll save on fuel. To get the marked R-Value, it is essential that this insulation be installed properly. Foil facings should be covered by a thermal barrier, please check local building requirements.

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