Guest Post: Becoming a philanthropist-­No money required. A few things you might do

by Mama V (Troy McClain’s Mother).

Did you ever think you’re not rich enough to be  philanthropist? Well here’s another way of looking at things. When anyone  gives  anything  with  good  heart,  he  or  she  becomes  a philanthropist, a conduit  and  catalyst  for  love.                                            

You too can become  a  philanthropistNEW AXS Logo — ­No  money  required. Here are a  few  things  you  might  do:

  1. Give  a  hug-­‐no  cost,  interchangeable  and  one  size  fits  all  
  2. Smile  at  everyone  
  3. A  friendly  greeting  
  4. A  sincere  compliment    
  5. Hold  a  door  
  6. Hold  the  elevator    
  7. Allow  someone  into  merging  traffic  
  8. Reach  something  on  the  top  self  for  a  person  in  a  handicap  cart  or  a  short  person  
  9. Pack  and  share  a  lunch  
  10. Tell  a  vet,  a  first  responder,law  enforcement    “thank  you”  
  11. Point  out  a  rainbow,  sunset  or  other  wonders  of  nature  
  12. Scrape  your  neighbors  car  windows  or  a  strangers  car  in  the  parking  lot  
  13. Leave  a  note  of  encouragement,  praise  or  congratulations-­‐anonomously  
  14. Pass  along  a  good  book,  recipe  or  magazine  article    
  15. Call  someone  and  remind  them  of  a  meteor  shower,  an  eclipse  or  blood  moon  
  16. Shop  for  an  ill  neighbor,  senior  citizen  or  shut  in  
  17. Take  your  used  plastics  bags  to  Vets  for  Success,  Idaho  Youth  Ranch  or  other  non-­‐  profit  WM  can  really  afford  new  ones.  
  18. Call  friends,  neighbors  and  co-­‐workers  to  remind  them  to  disconnect  outside  hoses  before  it  freezes  
  19. Rake  leaves  for  a  neighbor  or  senior  citizen  
  20. Return  your  neighbors  empty  garbage  or  recycle  bins  to  the  front  of  their  garage  
  21. Write  a  note  to  a  wounded  warrior  or  a  vet  in  Walter  Reed  hospital  
  22. Call  in  a  song  request  to  a  radio  station  for  a  friend,neighbor,  co-­‐worker  or  significant  other-­‐  Anomonously    
  23. Watch  a  friend  or  neighbors  children.  I  hour  allows  time  for  a  nice  walk    
  24. Share  your  knowledge-­‐show  grandparents  or  seniors  how  to  use  their  new  phone,pay  bills  on  line,how  to  set  the  thermostat,  how  to  change  a  furnace  filter  etc.  
  25. Donate-­‐any  items    that  are  no  longer  useful  to  you,  clothes,  furniture,  tools,  shoes,boots    

(a) Your  blood-­‐  this  remains  useful  to  you  but  you  have  enough  to  share

(b) Your  hair-­‐to  organization  making  wigs  for  children  undergoing  cancer  treatment    

  1. Pick  up  litter  
  2. Pick  a  flower  or  fall  leaf  and  give  to  someone  
  3. Help  a  neighbor  or  friend  shovel  the  walks  or  shovel  for  a  senior  or  other  persons  needing  assistance  
  4. Drive  someone  to  do  errands  or  to  voting  polls
  5. Coupons and unused or partially used gift cards laying around
  6. Share  your  talents,  sing,  play  or  perform    at  a  senior  home,  children’s  hospital,  Vet  center  or  for  the  homeless    

                                      VOLUNTEER-­‐  VOLUNTEER-­‐VOLUNTEER    

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