FLASHBACK 123idaho Wednesday, September 17, 2008: Idaho Statesman Publisher Mi-Ai Parrish: “In challenging times, we’re focusing on the future”

Check out this blast from the past:

The economic uncertainty has made all of us make difficult choices, focus on what’s critically important, and hunker down a bit while still looking to the future.

We are a different operation than we were a year ago, in ways that are – and I mean this sincerely – not so great and actually great. When times are lean, you look under the sofa cushions for all the spare change. You make darn sure you aren’t wasting any money on luxuries or even niceties. Sometimes, however, you are stuck giving up things you really, really wish you didn’t have to.

Nearly all our income is from advertising. When local businesses suffer, we suffer, which affects everything from how many reporters we have to how many pages of news we print.

Some of our changes have no positive face, the biggest of which is that we have lost some bright and talented employees as we, and many businesses, have quietly gotten smaller. After people, newsprint is our largest expense, and that means we are incredibly careful about how we’re using it these days.

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