Nels Mitchell Closing the Gap!

I have some encouraging news.

10290623_1491263304418421_6490514740988298512_nPublic Policy Polling conducted a poll of 1,369 likely Idaho voters on August 24th and 25th. The poll showed that Senator Jim Risch is losing ground in his bid to retain his US Senate seat! Only 39% said that they would vote to re-elect Risch if the election were held today; 47% said that it was time for someone new.

The poll also showed that Risch’s support had eroded from earlier in the year. The current poll showed Risch’s support is down 8 percentage points since PPP polled on the race in February. Many voters are ready to vote for someone new, but unless they know more about Risch’s opponent, Nels Mitchell, they may simply vote for the familiar name on the ballot.

Who is Nels Mitchell? In the words of former Idaho governor Cecil Andrus: “Nels Mitchell is an outstanding Idahoan. He is well educated; a successful attorney; and he is a man who is willing to work! Nels is going to represent you, me and the people of Idaho. And it’s time — it’s time to make a change. Risch has not contributed, and we need to remove him.”

Governor Andrus was the kind of leader who could work well with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans to move our state and nation forward. Nels Mitchell will be that kind of leader.

This poll also showed a very high percentage of voters — more than 20 percent — have not yet made a decision. If we are to reach the thousands of undecided Idaho voters, we need people like you — people who believe change is possible — to contribute generously to Nels Mitchell’s campaign. Television is expensive. But without it, we have little chance of competing with Risch’s special interest war chest.

In some Idaho counties, voters will begin casting absentee ballots in just a few weeks. Every day matters and every dollar makes a difference.

If we can pick up the pace, we can make history in Idaho. Please join us today! (click here to contribute)


Betty Richardson
Campaign Manager
Nels Mitchell for Idaho

P.S. To learn more about Nels Mitchell, please visit our campaign website, like our facebook page, and follow Nels on twitter. Thank you!




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