@IdahoStateJ: Pocatello mosque progresses

Despite recent vandalism, the new Pocatello Mosque, formerly El Jacalito Mexican Restaurant, located on South Fifth Avenue is nearing completion of the first phase of the building project.

The society estimates that if each Islamic community member donates around $200  they will have enough funds to finish the mosque.

…  this project quadruples the capacities of the existing place of worship. The Islamic Society has met for 25 years in their current location on Fourth Avenue.

    At that time, the community was small and it worked well for them. However, the last 10 years has seen a dramatic increase in the Islamic community and the need for the new mosque became more urgent, according to Hummel.

    … The new mosque will better serve the students from Middle Eastern countries as well as the approximately 1,400 community members from this region.

… the restoration of the old run down building will also enrich the area.

Read the full story.

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