Coyote Ridge Elementary School: Review on

Overall, I am disappointed with Coyote Ridge. Most of the teachers here are good. BUT, there is one second grade teacher who is very cold, tends to humiliate students, and is unapproachable. The community of parents is GREAT. However, the school chooses AWFUL standardized curriculum, refuses to deviate from it, does not re-teach subjects that entire classes are not getting, and concentrates on STAR testing far too much. Teaching to the test does NOT HELP STUDENTS. The kindergarten teachers are all fantastic, but there needs to be something done about the curriculum, reading programs, and really most academics-related things about this school. I must point out though, the teacher’s hands are bound, perhaps the curriculum change needs to happen at the district level. The office staff at Coyote Ridge are snooty, rude and make you feel like you are bothering them with anything.


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