Tim Tebow will speak at Dallas church with controversial social agenda

… But faith forces you to make choices, and if you’re a public figure, sometimes those choices don’t sit well with some of your fan base. Tebow has agreed to speak before the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas on April 28. However, the church’s pastor, Rev. Robert Jeffress, has taken polarizing social stances …

In a 2011 interview, for instance, Jeffress declared that Islam and Mormonism were religions that are “heresy from the pit of hell,” took a hard line against Judaism, and claims that America is being “brainwashed” into accepting a homosexual agenda. (Despite his criticism of Mormonism, Jeffress supported Mitt Romney, a Mormon, in the 2012 election.) …

Also in 2011, he criticized the Catholic church as “the genius of Satan” and “corrupted” by cults. Say what you will about Ray Lewis, but his public displays of religion were inclusive and inspirational, not exclusive (well, except for the ones that excluded everyone who wasn’t Ray Lewis).




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