City launches BOISE 150

The City of Boise and its Department of Arts & History today officially launched BOISE 150, the city’s year-long celebration to mark Boise’s founding as a city on July 7, 1863.Community events and projects will extend throughout 2013 and explore themes from varying perspectives related to Community, Environment, and Enterprise.

“The City’s goal for BOISE 150 is to use this celebration as an opportunity to explore both our past and our future,” Mayor David Bieter said. “Boise has come a long way in 150 years, and it’s important that we celebrate that history and open a dialogue about where we want Boise to go in the next 150 years.”

At today’s event the City also named the BOISE 150 grant participants, 37 organizations and individuals that are planning Boise 150 projects for the coming year. A full list of the BOISE 150 grant participants and a brief description of their projects are attached. Grant funding supports 32 programs and projects for a total of $98,000. Also, five organizations shared $60,000 from the Mayor’s Economic Development grants announced in October 2012.

In addition to these projects, BOISE 150 will feature many of other major events and opportunities, including:

  • Feb. 7 – 9, Thinking 150 – A series of free presentations and hosted conversations on Boise’s place in the historic and contemporary west.  Thinking 150 will culminate with “Placing Boise in the America West,” a presentation at the Boise Centre Summit Auditorium by leading scholars.
  • July 4 – 7, Anniversary Weekend – A free weekend of family fun, starting with the July 4 celebration at Ann Morrison Park and ending on July 7 with the Boise 150 Anniversary party in July Davis Park. The new Boise 150 Book of essays by local writers, including Tony Doerr and Al Heathcock and a CD of local music will be unveiled at the event and available for purchase. This is the signature event of the Boise 150 year.
  • Oct 19, The Mayor’s Music Celebration – Mayor Bieter will bring the community together for an evening gala to celebrate Boise’s rich musical life.

BOISE 150 also features many other opportunities, including the Fettuccine Forum on First Thursday (February – May and again in October and November); a speakers series on many topics and at many locations throughout the year; and a fun and lively special event a about moving the capital from Lewiston to Boise. Many other city and community events will be announced in the coming months. The BOISE 150 Media Kit can be found HERE.

Below lists other BOISE 150 resources to help local organizations and individuals get involved:

  • The website and BOISE 150 Facebook & Twitter pages, with information on upcoming projects and events, merchant program participants, local history, and more.
  • BOISE 150 Sesqui-Shop at 1008 Main Street, downtown Boise. The shop will serve as BOISE 150 headquarters for the year and will offer opportunities for citizens and visitors to learn more about BOISE 150 through community displays and projects, to attend workshops and presentations, and to share ideas.
  • BOISE 150 Merchant program presents unique BOISE 150 commemorative items created by local merchants.
  • Remnants of Boise is an interactive digital tour of Boise built with contemporary 360 photography and layers of historic photos and interpretive text.

The Department of Arts and History was established by City Ordinance in March 2008 to enhance the Boise community by providing leadership, advocacy, education, services, and support for arts and history. The new Department emerged from the former Boise City Arts Commission, which was established by City Ordinance in 1978 as a nonprofit city agency to advise and assist the City Council in development, coordination, promotion and support of the arts

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