Can you say, ‘Rebuke?’

Excerpt from an article by Martin Hackworth:

These are, after all, the same people who are historically a little difficult to motivate with data, no matter how plain. These are the folks who believe, with the same vigor that they formerly applied to the belief that Mitt Romney would be the President elect right now with majorities in the House and Senate, that climate change doesn’t exist (or if it does, that humans have nothing to do with it), that the country has the same voting demographic as it did in the Eisenhower era, that government should stay out of everyone’s business unless it has to do with sexual preference or reproductive rights, that everyone who gets a taxpayer-funded benefit (except them) is a deadbeat and that we should probably roll back every major public initiative of the past century because greed, criminal behavior, racism, sexism and disrespect for the environment would cease to exist if you just let the private sector run everything. Maybe they count in base eight or something in the Rove/Sununu/Trump/Palin chucklehead universe.

Read the full story here

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