How Idaho Democrats Could Win


The slate is one of the most-robust ever put out by Idaho Democrats. The party recruited more than 90 statehouse candidates and 82 of them will be on the Tuesday, Nov. 6, ballot, representing every district except three: No. 14, which includes Eagle and Star, and Nos. 27 (Mindoka and Cassia counties) and 30 (Bonneville County).

Grant said some of the Democratic candidates had better odds of being elected than others but having a near-full slate was imperative.

“You never know when somebody is going to have too much to drink and take somebody’s SUV,” said Grant, referring to former Republican Sen. John McGee, who won by a comfortable margin two years ago but resigned from the Senate following a string of charges involving a 2011 Father’s Day drunken-driving incident and alleged impropriety with a Senate attache.

“And you never know when a lawmaker is going to refuse to pay their taxes,” referring to Athol Republican Rep. Phil Hart, who also won by a wide margin two years ago but lost in the May GOP primary while dodging charges of tax evasion.

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