Idaho’s Greek System Welcomes Back Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

By Emily Frank

MOSCOW, Idaho – After a five-year absence, the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity is recruiting men to restart their chapter at the University of Idaho.

“This fraternity is not new to campus, but is part of Idaho’s Greek history,” says Matt Kurz, Greek life advisor. “We are happy to have them back and the Phi Tau alum’s are excited to have them here.”

The Beta Gamma Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was first established on campus Dec. 9, 1948 but left in 2007. Now, recruiters are seeking new members who exemplify the same values as their national organization. New members should be willing to lead, hard workers, positive forces, embrace once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and committed to forming a brotherhood.

Recruiters are on campus for nine weeks. In that time, they aim to train the chapter’s officers so they’ll be able to recruit on their own by fall semester, 2012. Recruitment is ongoing.

The chapter will be moving into what is now Steelhouse. Alumni are contributing to some renovations on the house. The house is smaller than those of many fraternities.

“It will have its own niche,” said Kurz. “The house holds 30, making it unique on campus.”

The Phi Kappa Tau philanthropy cause supports Hole in the Wall camps, which brighten the lives of children suffering from serious medical conditions and life-threatening illnesses. The fraternity will raise money for the camps and members may apply for summer positions at the camps.

“We look forward to contributing to each organization in some way and living the values all Greek’s stand for,” says Matt Marone, Phi Kappa Tau recruiter

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