Herman Cain Backers Launch Super PAC, But May Have Tripped Up Already

WASHINGTON — Pizza mogul Herman Cain’s recent rise in the polls has brought his candidacy greater attention and scrutiny from his Republican presidential primary rivals and the press. It’s also brought him new support — from Americans for Herman Cain, a super PAC formed to help Cain win the Republican nomination.

Founded by Jordan Gehrke, the former communications director and deputy campaign manager for Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle, Americans for Herman Cain officially launched during Tuesday night’s Republican debate in Nevada. The group states that it is paid for by the 999 Fund. Neither Americans for Herman Cain nor the 999 Fund have yet to register with the Federal Election Commission.

Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/19/herman-cain-super-pac-republican-nomination_n_1019791.html

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