FIVE MYTHS ABOUT MORMONISM and other news an events from

News and events

  • FIVE MYTHS ABOUT MORMONISM:  Polygamy.  Politics.  Gender equality.  Diversity.  Read my contribution to the Washington Post’s popular “Five Myths” series here, and the web chat here.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Politico says I’m one of “50 Politicos to Watch” this year.  Follow @askmormongirl on Twitter for my take on Mormon life and politics, or read me at Religion Dispatches.
  • RADIO: Is 2011 the “Year of the Mormon?”  That’s the question everyone’s been asking me, from the BBC to the nationally-syndicated public radio show Interfaith Voices to the Mitch Albom radio program. Tune in to hear me talk about Mitt Romney, The Book of Mormon musical, funeral potatoes, and other features of 21st century Mormon life.
  • PODCAST:  I’m happy to be a regular guest on the Mormon Matters podcast, a weekly show covering Mormon politics and culture.  Check the podcast out here.
  • TALKS:  Thanks to Clark and Claremont Universities and the Mormon Stories Conference for hosting my recent talks about Mormonism, Mormon identity, digital media, and the twenty-first century.   To inquire about booking a speaking engagement on contemporary Mormon thought, politics, and culture, please email

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