Idaho State University College of Education ICEE is providing training to 486 K-12 educators this week

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The Idaho State University College of Education and Dell, Inc., are again teaming up to provide east Idaho K-12 teachers and administrators with a proven, comprehensive teacher-training model that improves student achievement.

Nearly 500 K-12 teachers and administrators throughout east Idaho are attending a Total Instructional Alignment Conference running through June 10 at Idaho State University in the Pond Student Union.  Dell will provide computer technology and support for the conference.

Participants are learning and implementing the Total Instructional Alignment (TIA) teaching model, as authored by Lisa Carter, which aligns standards to student learning outcomes, curriculum with instruction, and then assesses how effectively the standards have been met.

There are teams of teachers and administrators from 30 school districts attending the training, said Chuck Zimmerly, interim director for the ICEE. A total of 486 professionals are attending the conference.

“This model of teaching looks to incorporate standards, curriculum, instruction and assessment into a strategic, logical holistic program,” Zimmerly said. “Classrooms, schools and districts that have implemented this program have shown measurable improvement.”

For more information on the ISU Total Instructional Alignment program, visit

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