Is that really what Boise State is about?

On the Idaho Statesman Site, under the story

Boise State employee spurred NCAA probe with email, Ruester wrote:

I often hear criminals complain that the laws are stupid and they wouldn’t have been caught if it wasn’t for that snitch/undercover cop. Oddly, people don’t generally feel sorry for those guys or blame the people who turn them in.

BSU chooses to be part of the NCAA so they actually choose to subject themselves to these rules. With that in mind, the school should also choose to follow them. If nothing happened then Ms. Christofferson’s complaints will come to nothing. If mistakes have been made and rules have been broken, then those in charge of complying with the rules should face the consequences.

Considering the school itself seems to acknowledge that rules were broken, I just want to know why the athletic department didn’t have a well-informed compliance person that could train the coaches and offer advice when questions arose.

Finally, considering the fact that the school has acknowledged that rules were in fact broken, who cares if the person that reported it went to the U of I, BSU, or another school? Based upon some of the posts here one would think that this community is full of people who would excuse BSU employees from any wrongdoing so long as it was a U of I grad that discovered or reported it. Is that really what BSU is about?

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