Petersen likely to leave Boise State for Stanford

With two recent high profile coaching departures, Idaho Statesman columnist Brian Murphy calls him The One Coach BSU Can’t Lose.

But Stanford has officially asked to interview Boise State football coach Chris Petersen.

Speculators have spoken of the 30 degree winters in the Bay area vs. the 70 degree winters in Boise.

Petersen makes $1 million now vs. $2 million on the table in Palo Alto.

And he is a northern California native.

Heisman candidate Andrew Luck will return to the Cardinal, and they have a real shot at winning a national championship.

Commenters under a Brian Murphy editorial in the Idaho Statesman discuss the likely possibility that Petersen will soon leave the Broncos and take the Stanford job:

Larry Ratliff: I too would hate to lose coach Pete, but people have to realize, that if he is offered the millions of dollars that the BCS can pay, who can blame him.

steve_lawson: Good Luck Pete and thanks for the time that you spent here. It will be great to see you take over the Stanford program and make a run to the NC next season. Palo Alto is a far better place to live and raise the kids than here as well as a far better school to be associated with. Congratulations and best of luck!

BroncoBadass: He is extremely happy in Boise and loves it there. He will be reluctant to uproot his family and move them, but $$$ has a funny way of helping one deal with that stress. Hahaha. He was reluctant to leave in the past because he knew he would be inheriting a mess. He took over a very talented Boise State team in 2006 and look what happened. He would be inheriting a similar team with Stanford and the Heisman runner up in Andrew Luck. He’s a Northern California guy and Stanford (Palo Alto) is certainly far more appealing than say … Ann Arbor, Tucson, Knoxville, Tallahassee, Stillwater and so on.

Other posters spoke of crime, gang and other quality of life problems in East Palo Alto as well as around California — the bankrupt state government was brought up — as if Coach P., a family man who would make millions plus perks and benefits, has to worry about that.

In the big money, win at all costs, fast-paced world of college football, what could possibly be the motivating factors that would keep Coach Petersen in Boise?

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