Green Diaries: Meteor Blades to the Rescue

Daily Kos is such a popular forum that it has been called “an internet within the internet.”

But such massive use brings downsides.

Sometimes, a blogger is lucky if a newly written diary stays on the screen for even a few minutes, due to the sheer volume of participation.

So the blogs’ founder Markos Moulitsas wisely instituted a diary rescue feature. Through this method, select entries of importance can get another run on the big screen.

That’s why all of us here at 123idaho were delighted during a recent search to find that at least a couple of our diaries regarding the Gem State were picked up by Daily Kos in-house writer Meteor Blades in his Green Diary Rescue thread.

A lot of important things happen in Idaho. And it is always good when our state receives international attention for issues other than the ones that keep late-night comedians in business.

From a Daily Kos Green Diary Rescue last summer:

123idaho wondered if we are making the best decisions for Idaho’s families and natural legacy?: “Whether your summertime rituals involve an annual hike up a favorite trail or Sunday evenings at the old fishing hole, the great outdoors are one big reason most of us choose to live in Idaho. From our pristine lakes and rivers to abundant, accessible public land to clear blue skies, we are blessed with scenic and recreational riches. We also know that these gifts were given to us to use wisely, and that we are called to be stewards of the air, land and water that both feed our souls and help us keep food on our tables. Just as we all shoulder a great deal of individual responsibility for our actions, as lawmakers, we know that decisions made in the Idaho Legislature can affect our environment. Are we making the best decisions?”

Read the full story:

From a Daily Kos Green Diary Rescue last fall:

123idaho had some praise for somebody who usually doesn’t get much from progressives in Simpson Supports Clean Transportation Energy Alternatives: “With such a dismal record on enviromental issues following the Republican party, it is interesting to see a conservative working in this fashion: Idaho Republican Congressman Mike Simpson is a cosponsor of H.R. 1835, the New Alterative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions, or NAT GAS, Act of 2009. H.R. 1835 focuses on increasing the availability of natural gas-fueled vehicles in the United States.”

Read the full story:

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