Labrador Scores! Labrador Lies! Labrador Spins!

“U.S. House hopeful Raul Labrador’s cash-strapped campaign has moved to downtown Boise to conserve resources, setting up a new headquarters outside the congressional district he wants to represent,” the Idaho Press Tribune Reports.

Give Labrador credit for being frugal. He’s promoting Idaho grittiness and thrift!

The penny-saving move underscores Labrador’s difficulty in fundraising compared to his Democratic rival, U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick, who has more than $1 million on hand and holds a 16 to 1 cash advantage, the Associated Press Reports.

So what? Money can’t buy you love. (hat tip to the Beatles)

Labrador’s camp says the downtown Boise office will allow them to work as a team with other Republican candidates.


The campaign reported about $68,700 in cash on hand in mid-July and Labrador was in Washington, D.C. on a fundraising trip last week. The trip included a breakfast hosted by Republicans in Idaho’s congressional delegation Thursday.

Between 20 and 25 people came to the event at The Capitol Hill Club, Labrador said.

“Between 20 and 25 people.” Wow! That’s such a wide spread that he couldn’t even give us an exact count!

Start worrying, Walt!

on 8/6/10, a story read:

Labrador came to Washington this week, he said, and top GOP leaders personally asked him to join the Young Guns program, which helps raise funds and coach candidates in tough races, according to POLITICO.

“Kevin McCarthy himself asked me, and Lynn Westmoreland asked me,” Labrador told POLITICO, referring to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s recruitment and redistricting vice-chairmen. “They asked me to reconsider my [earlier] decision” to opt out, he said.

Not so, said Joanna Burgos, an NRCC spokeswoman. “That’s definitely not the case,” she said when asked if the committee had asked Labrador to join. “He has changed his mind and he decided,” she said.

The committee announced Friday that Labrador would be part of the program’s first tier, dubbed “On the Radar.”

Read more: in the story from POLITICO.

Read again on 8/8/10, the POLITICO story had been updated, and the controversial sentences above have simply been replaced with:

“The NRCC confirmed that Labrador had been in talks with the committee. “He has changed his mind and he decided,” spokeswoman Joanna Burgos said.”

The spin machine is in full swing.

One can just picture the Republican meeting where they looked at each other and said: “Burgos blew it (she told the truth). We’re making each other look bad. How do we ‘re-explain’ this one? Somebody call POLITICO.”

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