Minnick vs. Labrador: Bellwether For America’s Future?

Excerpt from a post by Bubblehead
[Cross-posted from TSSBP based on Sisyphus’ urging.]

As the midterm elections approach, most of the talk is about whether or not the Republicans will be able to take back the House of Representatives (or even the Senate). More than that, this election seems like it will be a referendum on whether or not Constitutionalism (represented mostly by the Tea Party and Libertarians) has the strength to re-emerge as a dominant force in American politics for the first time since basically the end of the Polk Administration. I submit that the Congressional election this year in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District between Democratic incumbent Rep. Walt Minnick and Republican challenger Rep. Raul Labrador is a key battle between those who seek to return American political philosophy to the Jacksonian era and those who prefer a more modern interpretation of the Constitution. Basically, if the Paulites and their ilk can’t win here, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to ever emerge as more than an occasionally humorous sideshow to the main ebb and flow of the American body politic.

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