Wayne Hoffman invited to teach a full day of middle school

We have faith in Wayne!

Patti Moylan of Caldwell penned an open letter to Idaho Freedom Foundation Executive Director Wayne Hoffman.

“Dear Mr. Hoffman, I propose a challenge: I sincerely invite you to come to my classroom for a day next fall. Any day, you can name the day” she wrote.

“I would like for you to stay the whole day in my classroom, through all seven periods, meeting all the children I have — somewhere between 120 and 130.

You are welcome to come prepared with a lesson, any lesson of your choosing — one that matches my curriculum or not. I’m making it easy for you. The content of the lesson may be anything you wish, and since I teach composition and literature, the former should be right up your alley.”

The teacher continued:

“The only thing you might keep in mind, Mr. Hoffman, is you are teaching seventh- and eighth-graders — according to some studies, students with an estimated 8.5-minute attention span. Some have parents who are drug addicts and alcoholics, some have parents who are too busy for them, some have not had a meal since they left school the day before, some are working on four hours of sleep, some are changing inside and outside at such varying degrees it troubles the mind (and soul). Many are trying to hold their head above water, to make it, to escape their lives, this world.”

The teaching assignment that Moylan handles every day is one of the toughest in the state.

Her invite is a great idea.

Researchers need empirical evidence, drawn through observation, field experience, interviews and immersion within what scholars refer to as a “universe,” to inform and justify their claims.

A middle school classroom in a struggling Idaho district is an ideal universe.

Thus, we are sure that Mr. Hoffman, who regularly writes about Idaho K-12 education issues, will rise to the occassion and not only teach that day, but return to schools around the state on a regular basis.

Please join the 123idaho editorial team in thanking Mr. Hoffman, in advance, for his service and commitment to the truth and for his providing information through such a truly intellectual approach.

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