Dirk’s Chicks?

With rumours brewing that the Dirkmeister (former Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne) is mulling a run for president, it is a good time to revisit some speculation that has been around for years.

It may seem superfluous to trudge the rumour mill.

However, when one mentioned whispers regarding the behavior of a certain former United States Senator from Idaho, how many of us heard the retort:

Larry Craig isn’t gay. Those rumours have been around for years!

Thus, since this blog is merely a platform, all are free to confirm, deny, debate, speculate, titillate, etc. — And unlike Larry’s habit, ours is completely legal to perform in public.

In a blog entry from The Dusty Dog: March 2006, it was written:

According to the Pensito Review, Dirkie has a whole lot of non-family values in his ugly closet.

But when Kempthorne was a U.S. senator, he had a reputation. If it is true, he made Bill Clinton look like a school boy.

According to 43rd State Blues: Democracy for Idaho, it is widely rumored that:

* While he was philandering in D.C., he was married, of course — but he also had a full-time girlfriend from back home who worked in his office

* He and the girlfriend had a child

* When his senate career ended, his wife insisted that he give up the girlfriends, all of them, and move back to Idaho

* They moved back, but at least one girlfriend, the one with the child, returned to Idaho too.

Did I need to mention that Kempthorne is a Republican?


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