Why 123idaho supports TJ Thomson for Boise City Council

We were asked.

Here is the answer.

TJ is running for the Boise City Council (Seat #4).

The 123idaho editorial team knows that TJ will bring a fresh voice and new ideas to the City of Boise.

With a long list of accomplishments, a proven tack record of community activism, and a strong background as a policy analyst, TJ has the true ability to help maintain and improve upon our incomparable quality of life in Boise.

TJ has what it takes to help in the following areas:

* Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Protect and attract good jobs and spark new business growth and investment.
* Bring a hyper-focus to small business start-ups and long-term economic opportunities. Bring down the barriers preventing small businesses from succeeding.
* Provide businesses with the appropriate infrastructure they need to thrive in Boise. Implement fair and reasonable public sector fiscal measures to ensure that the cost of new infrastructure is shared proportionally among those served.
* Support efforts that increase purchasing and use of local produce and Boise products to assist the local economy. Support local efforts, such as Think Boise First.
* Strong, reliable support services for both our youth and senior citizens to assist families.
* Strengthened social services for the homeless and those in need, including crisis counseling, to provide people with pathways to self-sufficiency. Close collaboration and partnerships between local volunteer services programs, city departments, community businesses, and faith organizations striving to make a difference.
* Increase visibility and public participation in the City’s budgeting process.
* A strong economy includes a commitment to education:
* A K-12 school system second-to-none, including a commitment to excellence in our regional colleges and universities, as well as our public libraries.
* Pre-schools and kindergartens that are safe and take our children to a new level of understanding. Boise should remain an excellent place to raise children.

* Protect Boise’s beautiful foothills and parks.
* Increase park space and expand recreational opportunities in and around Boise.
* Additional dog parks in un-met areas of Boise.
* A strengthened recycling program that increases participation and reduces waste, at both the residential and business levels.
* Increase drop-off locations for glass recycling.
* An increased focus on Green Energy Development.
* Promote energy conservation and efficiency efforts at residential and business levels. Protect the environment by controlling pollution and encouraging preservation of natural resources and properties of historic significance.
* Keep our water clean and improve our air quality.
* Keep our city the most livable city in America by fostering a high quality of life through the wise use of community resources.

* Integrate a Light Rail System for the future.
* More biking and walking trails, including improvements to existing paths, that interconnect all across the City of Boise to increase use and improve safety for all of our roadway users – including pedestrians and bicyclists. Support and implement the Boise Cycling Safety Tast Force Recommendations.
* Work closely with ACHD to reduce traffic congestion and improve road conditions.
* Continue to pursue viable and convenient alternatives to the personal automobile. Public transportation alternatives lower the cost of living and reduce air pollution.

* Quality growth with regional planning for the future. Quality growth that not only supports jobs but includes open space and works in concert with Boise’s comprehensive plan.
* Plan for the future, by thinking regionally in terms of growth. Work hand-in-hand with other Councils and Mayors across the region through collaborative governance.
* Make a commitment to housing opportunity and choice, a wide range of suburban, rural, and urban housing (including affordable options for downtown living) at all price levels for a diverse population. Continue building a community that is attractive, livable, and functioning well with strong neighborhoods and affordable, high-quality housing.
* Protect private property rights. Respect our Constitutional rights to freely own and transfer real property.
* Work closely with Boise Police and Fire Departments to get them the resources they need to fight crime, assist during emergency situations, and keep our streets safe as we continue to grow.
* Integrate modern technology to improve the distribution of City Council information to bring all ages into the decision-making process.

TJ is, and will remain, highly accessible to the Citizens of Boise. He will listen to your concerns and innovative ideas, and will always acquire the opinions and expertise from all parties involved on the issues we are facing together.

CITY BUDGET EXPERTISE: The Boise City Council holds the important responsibility of overseeing the city budget. TJ has served as a Certified Internal Auditor and fiscal steward at the federal, state, and private levels for nearly a decade. He believes these difficult times call for someone with the budgeting and analytical skills to watch over our citizens’ resources and ensure they are spent correctly. We must seek out waste and abuse in our budgets and stretch every tax payer dollar as far as possible. Also, as an experienced policy analyst, TJ will make sure our city programs are working efficiently and assist our department leaders to improve existing operations.

TJ is the candidate to build better communities with good schools, low crime, quality public services, efficient transportation systems, ample recreation areas, open space, a strong employment base, and a viable commercial sector.

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