Budget holdbacks are a legacy of GOP’s tax-shifting policies

The Idaho Democratic Party today criticized state Republicans for undermining Idaho’s once-stable finances and shifting the state’s tax burden onto Idaho families and homeowners.

“It’s true that these are difficult times for individuals and government, but based on their tax-shifting track record, Republicans cannot be trusted to do what needs to be done in a fair and family-friendly way,” Idaho Democratic Party Chairman R. Keith Roark said after Gov. Butch Otter ordered further budget holdbacks this morning.

“For years, Idaho Republicans have been giving special tax breaks to huge corporations at the expense of Idaho families, neighborhood schools and homegrown businesses, which have seen their state taxes climb more than three times as fast as corporations over the past decade.

We’re now seeing the full impact of that decision, and it’s not pretty,” Roark added. Roark also pointed out the irony of the holdback request at a time when the Republican Party has wasted time and taxpayer money on a still-pending lawsuit to close its primary election.

“Idaho families, communities and businesses will struggle with these cuts, yet Idaho Republicans apparently have plenty of time and money to waste on their effort to disenfranchise Idaho voters,” he said. “Once again, Idaho Republicans are displaying their misplaced priorities and lack of leadership while Idahoans continue to struggle with the economic downturn,” Roark said.

“With another tough legislative year looming, we can only hope that the Republican power struggles don’t lead to a repeat of the near-record-setting 2009 session, because Idaho can’t afford it.”

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