Semen on the Dress: Blake Hall Cannot represent Idaho to the Nation

The vote was clear by a wide margin:

Blake Hall’s home Republican County Committee has no confidence in him.

Other such votes, across Idaho, are to follow soon.

And Bonneville Republican Central Committee Chairman Damond Watkins might want to clarify his thoughts about politics and character, after his very radical break from a recurring conservative Republican theme … the one that says Monica Lewinsky mattered … the position of many conservatives:

How can you run the world if you can’t run your home?

Personal character matters for public office.

What message are we sending our children?


And wasn’t it the Republican right who let the world know that there was “semen on the dress?”

According to Serephin’s blog: “It takes a real macho Rethuglican he-man to terrorize a woman to the level that a court of law — of which he is a member — orders him to get nowhere near her for 12 months.”

As Sisyphus wrote earlier this month, Republican Blake Hall continues to bring shame to Idaho.

Hall, a prominent Republican leader, was barred for a year from approaching the 37-year-old woman under a protection order issued by an Idaho Falls judge.

Seventh District Judge Penny Stanford’s order prohibits Hall, 56, from going within 900 feet of the woman or her residence. A temporary order was issued at the woman’s request Sept. 1. Stanford extended the order after a closed hearing. The restraining order issued last week prohibits the 56-year-old Hall from coming within 900 feet of his former girlfriend or her residence until Sept. 9, 2010. He is also prohibited from contacting the woman by telephone or other means.The order by 7th District Judge Penny Stanford said Hall “represents an immediate and present danger of domestic violence” to the woman.

Yesterday, that the Idaho Statesman reported that the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee in eastern Idaho is asking Blake Hall to step down as national committeeman.

“The committee voted 21-13 Thursday in a nonbinding resolution expressing no confidence in Hall’s ability to continue as one of three Idaho representatives on the Republican National Committee,” the Statesman said.

The resolution says that “Hall has failed to conduct himself in a manner that maintains trust, honor and respect for himself” and his position.

Tim Urling, chairman of the subcommittee that drafted the resolution, said a restraining order filed against Hall by his ex-girlfriend prompted the action by the committee.

Idaho Falls Police said they are investigating a complaint filed by the woman on Aug. 31.

According to the Post Register, chairman Watkins argued against the resolution on Thursday, saying Hall should be judged by his work on the RNC’s budget committee. Hall has helped raise millions of dollars for Republican candidates in statewide races and is desperately needed again in the next election cycle, Watkins said.

“In my opinion, Blake should be evaluated on his performance on the committee, not on his personal life,” Watkins said.

Was this the position that Watkins held during the Clinton/Lewsinsky scandal?

If so, he is one very unique Republican.

The Jefferson County Republican Central Committee is planning to consider a similar resolution regarding Hall next month, said Corbet Miskin, chairman of the committee.

Hall is a former state party chairman. In April, he stepped down after serving nine years on the state Board of Education, which sets policy for higher education and public schools in the state.

Hall also works for the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s office, and since 1985 has handled cases in the civil division. He operates a private law practice in Idaho Falls and has worked as legal counsel for the Republican National Committee.

We were mad because Clinton lied to us (not about the the semen), many wingnuts say.

But haven’t there been scores of other Republican officials who have stepped down over less than what Hall did, many without even a legal case filed, based on the notion of character and decency being necessary to lead?

Why not Blake Hall?

One thought on “Semen on the Dress: Blake Hall Cannot represent Idaho to the Nation

  1. Agreed. The man needs to be removed from the position. The question is not the ability to raise dollars, the questions is the content of his character. If that is in question, he cannot lead. He must step down for the good of the party, the good of Idaho, and the good of the nation.

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